Although there’s nothing bad about having a patchy beard, it affects the aesthetics of a true beardo look. Still, having unevenly growing facial hair doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a decent masculine beard. Alongside with some patience and effort, the right approach to your hair is all you need to make your stubborn hairs play by your rules. For that reason, we’ve created an ultimate guide full of tips on improving the patchy beard growth, covering essential steps towards a perfect bearded look.


How To Fix A Patchy Beard

Tips To Deal With A Patchy Beard
by @abbas_ahmadifard

The very first question a man with uneven hair growth asks himself is “why is my beard patchy?”. As a matter of fact, identifying the cause is a huge step to understanding how to deal with the issue. It should be noted that if your facial hair has always been growing this way, there’s nothing to worry about, as it’s your natural hair growth pattern. As for factors that may lead to bald spots in the beard, an unbalanced diet, stress, and certain hormonal conditions are the most likely reasons.

A patchy beard is typically a natural growing pattern with a genetic background. However, if it isn’t something you have always had, you should seek a professional opinion. This growing condition may come out as a result of a stressful life, bad diet, and specific health problems.

So, how to fix a patchy beard? First of all, you should let it grow and let the patches show up. Second, don’t yield to the temptation of shaving everything off once a mere spot come out. Instead, keep it as it is and see what happens. In general, a month is a good period to step aside from trimming.

The most effective way on how to fix patchy beard troubles is to let your hair grow long for at least a month. Even if you want a short or medium style, longer hair will help you to cover the spots.


How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard?

How to Grow Out a Long Thick Beard
by @4hairpleasure

To let your patchy beard grow out, a month is an approximate term because it’s a rather individual issue that depends on your genetics. Consequently, if someone in your family had patchy facial hair growth, there’s a strong chance you won’t be able to grow a thick and dense beard. Anyway, your task is to take your time and get the most of your beard.

How To Stimulate Facial Hair Growth

How To Stimulate Facial Hair Growth
by @alan_beak

Before you jump to conclusions, let us get things straight: you can’t outsmart genetics. Obviously, if your facial hair grows scarcely by default, you can’t speed up the beard growth. But, you can always promote better and healthier hair growth, as well as draw attention from the flaw with the right patchy beard styles. And here’s what you should consider.

Your Body

The condition of your hair and state of your body go hand in hand. If you want to encourage stronger hair growth, you should pay attention to the way you take care of your body. Besides, it goes not only for facial hair but also to hair growth in general.

Your Diet

You also should be attentive to what you put into your body. A well-balanced, adjusted diet full of proteins and essential nutrients is a fundamental of strong hair growth. Make sure to include beans, fish, and a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables into your diet. For better and faster consumption of essential nutrients, don’t forget about vitamin supplements such as B6, beta-carotene, E, etc.

Your Health

The state of your health, be it physical or mental, is closely connected with your hair growth. To promote better hair growth and make a patchy beard less noticeable, sort out your health problems first if you have any. Sleep well, exercise regularly to reduce stress and fatigue, thus taking your health to the next level.


Does Shaving Make A Beard Grow Faster?

Does Shaving Make A Beard Grow Faster #patchybeard #howtofixpatchybeard #beard
by @abbas_ahmadifard

Well, that’s a myth of the 21st century. Wherever you read it, it’s a nightmare that you should forget once and for all. While there’s no evidence for this theory, you can extend the growing process for an unknown amount of time.

Besides, by shaving too often, you can also cause ingrown hair, which is way too far from pleasure. Therefore, your skin requires proper care even underneath your facial hair. And this is where exfoliating beard care products come in. Invest in good quality products designed to remove dead skin cells and promote hair growth. Keep in mind that exfoliation is a crucial part of being a beardo, no matter what kind of beard you rock.

Beard Growth Oil

Beard Growth Oil #patchybeard #howtofixpatchybeard #beard
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Your beard care routine should include oils for many reasons. And the major one is that moisturizing your facial hair with oils is an effective way on how to fill in patchy beard spots. Such beard products are aimed to calm itchiness which causes facial hairs to break. Even though top-notch oils are pretty expensive, don’t go the cheapest way. Pricey products are rich in essential vitamins and nourishing components that encourage healthy hair growth. In other words, investing in high-end oils will really pay you off.


Stages Of Beard Growing

Stages Of Beard Growing #patchybeard #howtofixpatchybeard #beard
by @cal_newsome

To do your best, you need to know what to expect from the growing process. Here are the stages you will go through during your patchy beard fix journey.

  1. Initial stage. Forget about shaving for a couple of weeks and let your hair do its own thing and grow naturally. However, if you have thick facial hair, it may take less time.
  2. First stage. Decide on the shape of your future beard and think of where your cheek and neck line will go. It’s also a high time to start using beard oil.
  3. Second stage. Be attentive to how your hair grows. Once you see that something goes wrong, work some all-natural beard oil to the area that needs to be fixed.
  4. Final stage. Now, it’s all about maintenance. Exfoliate your skin, wash your facial hair with special beard shampoos and conditioners, moisturize it with beard oils. As for shaping, beard wax will do the trick. Of course, if you have a mustache, the same goes for it.

How To Manage A Patchy Beard: FAQ

How To Manage A Patchy Beard: FAQ
by @andrewdoeshair

Now that you’re probably having some questions popping in your head, let us sum up the story about beard without patches with answers to FAQs.

Should I shave my beard?

No. It can slow down the growing process.

Will my regular shampoo work for my beard?

Only products designed to nourish facial hair will provide your beard with a thorough care routine.

Do I need to switch to another lifestyle?

If you can’t call the way you live healthy, yes. Eating healthy food, taking supplements, avoiding stress, and sleeping well is what you need.

Awesome Men’s Haircuts To Rock With A Patchy Beard

You’ve got some aces in the hole, don’t you? That means it’s time to play a big game with your patchy beard. Here are the possible choices for your move. And you know what? They’re all are doomed to success. All these ideas look so fresh and hip that it’s impossible to notice any imperfections! Dive in: it’s time to take your own game-changing patchy beard before and after picture.

How To Deal With A Patchy Beard Tips On Fixing Growing & Wearing An Uneven Beard #patchybeard #howtofixpatchybeard #beard
by @baptiste.giabiconi
How To Deal With A Patchy Beard Tips On Fixing Growing & Wearing An Uneven Beard #patchybeard #howtofixpatchybeard #beard
by @delliale91
How To Deal With A Patchy Beard Tips On Fixing Growing & Wearing An Uneven Beard #patchybeard #howtofixpatchybeard #beard

At first sight, patches in a beard may seem to be real trouble for a man seeking a modern full-beard look. Nevertheless, if you take a special approach to this issue and get to know how to cope with it right, you will come to understand that there's no need to worry. Today, you’ve learned lots of effective and useful patchy beard solutions, so you will always be one step ahead in this game.