Easy hairstyles for long hair are an important part of our beauty routine on Valentine’s Day. We spend most of our time in sweatpants and with messy buns. And when it comes to getting ready for some occasion, the heart starts beating faster. It doesn’t matter what you have already planned for this day, we have an ace up our sleeve. These easy hairstyles are a real deal. And due to its beauty, you will want to take selfies with such hairstyle all the time.


Easy Three Strand Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

by @julia_alesionok

With our hairstyles for long hair, you will be able to make a real statement. You will impress your loved one for sure. Moreover, these hairstyles will be appropriate regardless where you are planning to spend the day.


Romantic Wavy Low Buns

by @julia_alesionok by @tonyastylist by @tonyastylist

Creating a low buns is an easy task for the lovers of updos.

Fishtail Braids For Long Hair

by @kassinka

These long hairstyles are super romantic for any kind of a date. Half up buns for Netflix and chill cornbraids or braids with curls for a night out in a fancy restaurant or cinema will do the trick.


Cute Easy Crown Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

by @kykhair

By the way, half updos are not only great for this holiday because they seem romantic, but also because such hairstyles open your pretty face and let your bae gaze at your beauty the whole evening.

Easy Pull Through Braids For Long Hair

by @kykhair

If you are going to watch a movie and have dinner out, then opt for a braided crown. A messy effect will be only a plus for this kind of do. It will give your long hair sex appeal and sensuality. This hairstyle will add a royal flair to your overall image.


Chic Waves For Your Special Day

by @petronellanilsson

Lovely, romantic waves can make your hairstyle more voluminous and sexy.

Use Braids To Quick Mohawk Easy Style

Source: kykhair via Instagram, kykhair via Instagram by @kykhair by @kykhair

To braiding уyour hair is the easiest and quickest way to create a hairstyle. Combine it with a top knot, a mohawk or a bun, make a braided half-up, add an accessory - and you are the party queen, despite the fact that it took only 10 minutes to create a hairstyle!

FAQ: Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

What are the easiest hairstyles to do on yourself?

  • Ponytail.
  • Double Twisted Bun.
  • Rope Braid Ponytail.
  • Floral Twisted Half Up, Half Down Hair.
  • Criss-Cross Hair.
  • Simple Beach Waves.
  • Dutch Braid.
  • Triple Braid.
  • Mini Braids.
  • Mermaid Waves.

Should long hair be cut straight across?

Too long hair should be avoided. When you wear your hair styled straight across at one length, it looks old and ugly. If you believe that adding a straight-across fringe to excessively long one-length hair will make it look better, you are wrong. It will simply make the situation worse. Long layers can help to improve the look of overly long hair.

Is it better to cut hair straight across or V?

A V- or U-hair shape looks great with slightly layered hair, whereas a straight line looks great on people with a one-length hairstyle. When the hair on the left side is styled one-length and straight-lined, it looks thicker and bulkier.