We have a collection of long hair haircuts and hairstyles for you to inspire from. If you feel a sudden desire to change your hairstyle, do not hurry up to chop it off. Long and flowing locks are to die for. However, this may get extremely boring, especially when you don’t know how to put it together. So, we have these great options.


There are loads and loads of updos for long haircuts and other hairstyles you are able to pull off. This is why we have compiled our collection. The next time the urge is coming, you’d better have one or two of these great ideas at the back of your mind to use.

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Hair Down – The Easiest Way to Wear Long Haircuts

Once you get the haircut of your dreams, there’s little use in hiding. That’s why wearing your locks down is the best route to follow. Yet, a fair share of styling is always welcome. Pal around with the parting or the texture and meet a new day with a fresh and fashionable look!


Layered Long Hair Haircuts

If you want to achieve a little messy, easy-going look then experimenting with many layers of various lengths is what you should opt for. But if you’re going to create a more polished and elegant look, then you should better ask for the combo of long layers interacting with one another.

For those, who choose long haircuts with multiple layers of varying lengths, as advised by Nunzio Saviano, who explains, "This look adds body and movement, suitable with or without bangs." Seeking elegance? Opt for harmoniously interacting long layers, echoing the voluminous, face-framing qualities of butterfly and octopus cuts.

Straight Long Hair

Haircuts for long straight hair can be easily spiced up with layers. Besides providing your hairstyle with bounce and movement and breaking up that unnecessary bulk, waved or textured layers will make your hairstyle appear more up-to-date. Just apply your favorite texturizing product on wet, clean tresses and blow-dry, using a special round brush.


Asymmetrical Long Haircuts

Asymmetrical cuts will suit those of you who are not afraid of experimentation and who are open to let their imagination fly. Besides, the fact that your long hair is asymmetric makes it even more fun to play around with different hairstyles even the ones you are used to will look fresh and different.

Long asymmetrical hairstyles for round faces are perfect saviors simply because that asymmetric can even out all the facial feature which may seem pretty chubby with other cuts involved.

Shag Long Haircuts

Shag haircut is the perfect one to help you achieve that goal. The thing is that with a shag-long hairstyles you will look fantastic and there will be no need to spend countless hours in front of your mirror before stepping outside. It is equally flattering to all hair textures and easily add up some volume as well as take it away.


Lots Of Layers

Haircuts with Lots Of Layers

Ideal for thin-haired individuals, this long haircut boosts volume, starting with chin-length layers and extending to the ends.

Dhiran Mistry of The Carriage House highlights a trend of face-framing wispy pieces and bangs, enhancing texture alongside subtle balayage. "It's a common style for long hair, allowing peek-a-boo strands even when tied back," he notes.

Textured Long Haircuts

Textured long haircuts, angled for volume without sacrificing length, are perfect for wavy hair—aim for enhancement, not reduction. Ricky Walters advises using blunt techniques for fuller-feeling thin hair, while Lee Stafford recommends soft layers over heavy, to avoid thinning ends. Consider ghost layers for added movement and fullness, ensuring your mane grows out beautifully shaped.

V-Cut Hairstyles For Long Hair

The thing you will love about V-shaped haircuts is that they’re not only beautiful from the back. Yes, it’s hard to describe the way they look when all of your hair hangs on your shoulders, but they also look stunning when you show up front tresses.


U-Cut Hairstyles For Long Hair

Ladies who want to keep their hair as lush and voluminous as possible opt for U-shaped haircuts, as the angle in which these cuties are done leaves more space for fullness. Of course, loose long hair styling is simple, but who says that simplicity can’t be fascinating?

Blunt Long Haircut

Blunt Long Haircut

Despite all the benefits of skillful layering, some ladies prefer blunt cuts, and for a good reason. There’s barely any better way to show off your smooth strands rather than through a blunt cut. Besides, your unique hair coloring will be noticeable too.

Butterfly Haircut

If you’d like to add some extra movement to your locks, we suggest you ask your stylist for a butterfly cut. The unique layering technique ensures that your mane gets as much layering as the texture needs to move naturally.

Ask An Expert: How do You Know if a Butterfly Cut Suits You?
Maayan Birnstein
Expertise: Hair Coloring
If you are able to style your hair regularly to achieve this specific look, a butterfly cut is great for you. Natural texture also looks good with this cut, however the “butterfly” aspect comes through more effectively with a blown out style.


Extra Volumed Long Curls & Waves

Long tresses look impressively cute when coated in voluminous curls or waves. You can incorporate the style into a casual dinner with friends or a semi-formal gala meeting. In either case, you must ensure the look keeps in place well. Thus a fair share of hair spray will come of immense use.

Jenna Spino of Maxine Salon highlights its adaptability: "Short layers blend to longer ones, creating volume variations. Short layers start at or below the chin, while longer ones extend past the shoulders," ensuring a naturally flowing, voluminous mane.

Middle Parted Long Hair Haircuts

The middle part was created for ladies who want their hair to look voluminous and well-groomed. Not only does such parting give a perfectly balanced appearance to your locks but also provide a lot of room for volumetric styling: just lift up your hair from the roots. One more benefit about middle parted hairstyles: they can frame your face and make it appear slimmer.

Wavy Long Hairstyle

Wavy Long Hairstyle Brown #longhaircuts

Our beauty experts believe that long layered wavy hair makes a woman appear especially feminine and ultimately sexy. Just ask your hair stylist to cut several front tresses a bit shorter. Thus, you won’t sacrifice any length, but that extra bulk will go away, opening your pretty face. /p>


Deep Side Swept Long Cuts

Side Swept Wavy Long Cuts Brown #longhaircuts

To get the most of waves, you need to add as much dynamics to your hair as you can. With this easy styling trick, you will not only spice up the look with a ton of volume but also intensify the wavy texture, taking your daily styles to the next level.

Center Parted Hair + Waves

A center part is the fundamental of a totally harmonic look which, by the way, is full of beautifying benefits. First of all, if you spread all your hair evenly from both sides, you will give your chubby cheeks the framing effect they couldn’t even dream of. Second, you can unfold the secret volume you never knew you had by finishing your center-parted look with a slight wave.

Thick Messy Waves

Thick Messy Waves

Since thick hair is pretty heavy, many women give up the idea of rocking their favorite waves, as the time-consuming styling process doesn’t give long-lasting results. Let’s leave it up to thick waves!

Ask your stylist for layering at the edges that divide the hair into three levels. After that, get yourself salt spray and apply it to your damp hair. Tousle it all up, lock the style with cool air and enjoy effortless but distinctive waves that make your styling routine a breeze.


Extra Shag Long Hair

Extra Shag Long Hair

This voluminous wolf style is a real magnet for the yes. To achieve it, you do not necessarily have to be blessed with a full head of hair, as layering provides you with an ample look.

Side Swept Layers

Side Swept Messy Layers

Soft layers that fall freely on one another and create an outweighed body are the best response to once unbearable thin hair styling routine! Although layers take away some weight from the locks, their lightweight body amps up the silhouette, thus making it appear well-balanced and full.

Long Hair Haircuts With Bangs

Long Hair Haircuts With Bangs

Long hairstyles with bangs are effortless-looking, flattering and easy to maintain. What is more, no matter the types of haircut for long hair you can always upgrade any cut with a bang. Besides, the variety of bangs is breath-taking which means that there will be surely a type for you.


Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

There is an aura of mystery around ladies with bangs. You can hide your eyes with as much as a toss of your hair so that no one can tell what you actually think at the moment. Aside from that, curtain bangs frame your face nicely and can go with any length or texture.

Wispy Bangs Long Hair

Committing to a full-scale fringe may be a tough decision, so we suggest you dip just a toe in the waters through wispy bangs. They create the same stylish framing vibe without a long-term commitment.

Layered Bangs with Long Hair

Layered Bangs with Long Hair

If you are interested in a trending, and convenient style, then a long mane spiced with layered bangs is what you need. Due to skillful layering, your hair will become more manageable, while the bangs ensure that none of the longer tresses are getting in your way when you least want them to.


Baby Bangs Long Hair

In the case of baby bangs, you will project your daring and creative side so that no one misses it. Moreover, bangs can make your face seem shorter, and that is a benefit some consider critical when looking for a suitable and stylish cut for long hair.

Face-Framing Fringe

Arched Bangs Blonde #longhaircuts

Framing layers will help you test the waters without the need to submerge. If you like the outcome, you may go as far as trying some bangs out. If not – the style is fun and all-flattering, at any rate.

Textured Fringe

Thick Bangs And Long Haircuts

If you want a cute and exciting way to spice up your haircut, we suggest a textured fringe option. The playful and feminine vibe of the haircut is ever-present. Besides, your hair will always look perfect – done or undone.


Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs combine all the best features of framing layers and curtain bangs. The only drawback – you may require quite a voluminous mane to pull the look off, ideally. Other than that, bottleneck bangs are low-maintenance, versatile, and sassy.

Long Swept Bangs

Long swept bangs are another stylish and practical way to spruce up your look with an additional volumetric layer. Don’t forget to ask your stylist for a smooth blend of the bangs so that you will be able to play around with its styles: it can be styled as a part of the whole look, as a classic curtain fringe or as a couple of side-framing layers.

Michael Bowman notes, "Curtain bangs are back, echoing '70s fashion." He suggests long and subtle or short and textured options for versatility. "For a modern twist, opt for shorter, textured fringe in the center, adaptable into a full textured look for a fresh change."

Arched Bangs

Arched bangs are a sought-after look that nicely blends with long hair. You can make it a part of your long haircut, as well as outline it and make it stand out from the rest of the locks. The point is that long hair tends to lose its volume as it grows longer, so you should be creative to keep the volumetric look with you. Layers and bangs are probably the best weapon for dull looks caused by the heavy length.


Chopped Bangs

Choppy bangs are the type that works for adding fullness and individuality to the look. They stand out for their lightweight, yet voluminous body that enhances the movement of the whole mane, blending with it seamlessly.

Thick Bangs And Long Haircuts

Whether you have fine, uncontrollable hair texture or you’re one of those who dream about volume in your thin locks, there’s no way bangs won’t satisfy your needs. A full bang is the finishing detail to your long-hair look, as it creates a very full, youthful silhouette. Pair this fancy fringe with waves to emphasize the beauty of your long locks.

FAQ: Long Hair Haircuts

Which hair cut is best for long hair?

Here are some of the best haircuts for long hair:

  • Razor Cut (also called Layered Cut)
  • Wavy Ends
  • Choppy Layers
  • Straight Cut
  • All types of bangs
  • Tapered Ends

Can long hair have layers?

Long hair with layers has greater movement and volume. Thin hair with layers also becomes more volumetric. Layering long hair eliminates just enough weight to give it flow and doesn’t make the ends look straggly.

Where should layers start on long hair?

If you want more texture and dimension for your long hair, start your layers close to the chin or below the nose if you have medium or longer hair. You need shorter layers a bob, although it would be better if you leave it up to your hairstylist.

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