Fabulous Ideas of Braids for Long Hair to Try

Try Out These Ideas Of Braids For Long Hair

Braids for long hair are pretty complicated in most cases and require certain precision and skills to succeed. Easy tutorials are almost nowhere to find. But we don’t have enough time in the mornings to spend on ‘dos. The ideas we have collected are perfect for busy mornings. Try them out next time you are getting ready for the day in a rush. Don’t sacrifice a cute ‘do!


Simple Ideas To Create Braided Hairstyle

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You can pull off these hairstyles with different types of braids, which are so numerous. It is suitable for those who have some experience in braiding. For someone who does it first time, a regular type of braid will do.


Lovely Braided Ponytail

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Braid hairstyles can be a nice update of your regular ‘do. Just add a small braid to the updo or the ponytail you wear every day. Or add a crown braid to make your regular down-do more sophisticated.


Twist Braids For Long Hair

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If you are really bad at braiding or just too lazy to do it, there is a way out. Make a twist instead. It is a nice substitute for a crown braid. Moreover, it will create a cool and unique look.


What About Pull Through Braids

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Of course, with long hair you have much more room for creativity. If you are a lucky owner of long hair, you need to try milk maid braids, a pull out braid, a side braid, a Dutch Mohawk braid or braided updos. They look so adorable.


Specially Dutch Braids

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Dutch braids and side braids are perfect for thick hair. The key to make a braid fabulous is to pull out strands. It will make your braid a little bit chunky and messy, which is really in fashion nowadays.

Rainbow Half Braided Hairstyles

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What about a half braided hairstyle? Create a braid with the half of your hair and keep the other half loose.

Fancy Braids With Shawl Ideas

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Have no idea how to diversify your daily look? Well, whether it’s a regular, Dutch or a fishtail braid, with a fancy colorful shawl, your casual hairstyle will look exceptionally stylish and unique.


Gorgeous Half-Up Braids Ideas

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Braided elements are something that can turn any hairstyle into a real hair masterpiece. Ladies who flaunt with loose waves can adorn them with a waterfall, headband or a loose french braid and show off the beauty of their long locks.

Braided Updos For A Special Occasion

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What can we say, nothing looks fancier than a braided updo. Create one, and you will instantly feel red-carpet elegant and exquisite. And we think that some celebs may even envy your beauty.

Braided Crown To Look Like A Queen

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In case your locks seem to never end, we can offer you a gorgeous hairstyle – a braided crown. Being wrapped around your head, your hair does resemble a crown. Natural beauty for a natural queen.


Different Ways To Look Special With A Fishtail Braid

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As you can see, a fishtail braid is extremely versatile. You can wear it sleek or messy or even combine sleek and messy. It all depends on your hair texture – the sleeker version works for the thicker hair only.

Magical Transformation - Braids Into Flowers

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When your hair is long, you often feel as if you have tried it all. We understand what it’s like. But look at these flowers created with braids! Try one of these if you wish to amp up your braiding skills.

Double Braids

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Double braids bring double fun! These long voluminous braids will make you resemble a fairy-tale princess.