There are a lot of fun and sexy short hair styles for fine hair. Fine hair is often believed to be difficult to style as it tends to break easily and fall flat. But with the right cut and the proper hair products, you can rock your fine locks!


Even those with naturally curly or wavy hair can have fine hair. There are also a plethora of short curly hairstyles that look amazing on those who have fine hair.

It’s just a matter of finding out which styles for fine natural hair will work for you.

Tips And Tricks For Fine Hair

The tips women with thick hair use to help with styling their hair don’t work on fine hair. Here are a few more tricks to help you with styling your fine hair. Because thin hair doesn’t bounce back like thick hair, you should never sleep on wet hair. If you choose to do this, then you may end up with some serious issues the following morning that could ruin your day. You could try braiding it and sleeping if you are brave enough to deal with the waves the morning after. If you leave the house before your hair dries completely, you could also be asking for trouble. Often, if you allow your hair to air dry, then it ends up more limp and lifeless.


Caring For Your Thin Hair

Many women just purchase shampoo and hair products blindly. Use their knowledge and rationality in their attempt to acquire the style they long to have. Often these rationality episodes work against their intent to achieve a certain look, just as the maximum hold versus light hold issue mentioned above. In order to care for your fine hair, you should purchase special shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. For instance, there are several products in the market today that increase hair volume. These products make hair more elastic, thicker, and more voluminous.

It is important to wash fine hair every day or every other day at most. This is due to the fact that there are more hairs per square centimeter, each with its own oil gland in its hair follicle. With that being said, it is obviously going to take less time for fine hair to get greasy compared to someone with thick hair. Always use volumizing shampoo because it is specifically designed to be lightweight to prevent your hair from being weighed down.

Fine Hair Caring Like a Pro – Common Rules

One of the first tips for styling short hairstyles for fine hair is, to begin with blow-drying the hair. In the styling world, there is a rule that says where we blow there it will lie. Decide which way you want your hair to lay and begin the blow drying it in that direction. Once you get your basic style, you can finish your look with a curling iron, straightener, or just a simple brush.

Women often make the mistake of purchasing hair products that are too heavy for their fine hair. They think that due to their hair's inability to hold a style for an extended period of time they need to purchase the most powerful hold that is available. That rationality couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you apply products that are designed for “maximum” hold, they are far too heavy for fine hair. Therefore, they weigh your hair down causing it to lose its style. When using products on fine hair, purchase a product with a light hold so it won’t be too heavy, and your style will last much longer than you thought possible.

With fine hair, it is also important to keep a regular trim schedule. This is crucial to prevent breakage and split ends. Typically, a trim every 6 to 8 weeks is sufficient to maintain a healthy hairstyle. Obtaining a cut with light layers or a simple, blunt cut will also help to make your hair appear fuller.

Coloring fine hair is also an intricate process. If you are covering gray, it is suggested that you do so every 4 to 6 weeks. Fine hair grabs color quickly and can turn out darker than intended. Finding a stylist who is well-trained and familiar with coloring and styling fine hair is an absolute necessity. We would not suggest trusting a green stylist with someone who has fine hair. This could result in a disastrous result.

You should become familiar with root lifters, volumizing sprays, and texturizers – they are crucial for short hairstyles for fine hair. These products will be your secret weapons when it comes to obtaining the style you desire. Another helpful tip is to use a round bristled brush when blow-drying your hair. If you choose to wash your hair every other day, use dry shampoo that contains rice and cornstarch. This is important because some contain talc and silica which can clog hair follicles. Another tip is to apply your dry shampoo at night rather than in the morning. The reason behind this is that applying it at night gives the hair more time to absorb extra oil, and your nightly turning and tossing will assist in obtaining volume the following morning.


Fine Hair No No’s

There are a few things that you should never do if you have one of the short hairstyles for fine hair. For starters, don’t apply conditioner to the roots of your hair. Fine hair tends to get oily faster, so an extra conditioner will only make this issue worse. Also, do not apply too much styling product. These weigh down your hair as well causing it to fall flat. Don’t grow your hair too long. This only makes your fine hair look even thinner. Remember our tips for cutting your hair. When you remove weight from your hair, you are allowing your hair to obtain some natural body and volume.

Styling Tips for Thin Hair

Another tip is to dry your hair upside down. Anything to help add more volume to your limp hair is a good thing. To really add to the boost, try using some volumizing mousse. Texturizing spray could also become a bonus to your hairstyling repertoire. If you want to avoid static, NEVER use a plastic comb on your dry, thin hair. The plastic charges your hair, causing your hair strands to feed off one another. If you are going to attempt an updo or curls, you will need lots of hairspray.

Also, you may want to avoid the bangs option unless you have tried it previously and liked it. A reason for this is that you don’t want to do anything that would cause your hair to appear oilier. When all else fails, don’t be afraid to bite the bullet and pull your hair back into a ponytail. Fine hair actually looks fantastic in a ponytail, more so than some thicker hairstyles.


Which Haircuts are for Thin Hair?

There is a specific way to cut thin hair. A well-trained hairstylist will know this but, sadly, there are many stylists who get stuck in a rhythm of cutting hair a specific way no matter which hair type you have. Thin hair should be done in straight cuts, never thinning the tips so that the density of the hair remains. Haircuts with lots of layers are essential to a cut for thin hair. Not only do layers add volume to a hairstyle, but they also make it easier to manage.

So, now you’re asking which haircuts are best when choosing short hairstyles for fine hair? If you want to go short for the warmer months, then you should consider the bob, a pixie, or a boy cut. These round silhouettes are perfect for fine hair types. Adding a fringe into these cuts also works very well.

Different Styles of Short Cuts for Fine Hair

Discover the most flattering short hairstyles for fine hair. Fine hair has long had the reputation of being difficult to manage. With its little strength and ability to fall flat long before you reach your destination, women have all too often become increasingly frustrated in attempting to style this type of hair. Don’t throw in the towel just yet! We have some tips that may be just what the hair doctor ordered to assist you in not only achieving but also maintaining your style longer than you ever dreamed possible.

Another myth is that women who have curly or wavy hair don’t battle the issue of fine hair. That is simply not true. Women with any hair type or style can battle the fine hair issue. The trick to conquering this issue is to figure out which method and which products work best for your particular hair type.

Women everywhere have gotten stuck in the thought that thin hair is a curse. This is simply not true. Once one acquires the proper cut and figures out which products to use to help them maintain their style all day long, they will be surprised at the results. There are many hairstyles that can be complimented for thin hair. You can even delve into the world of being stylish and extravagant with your hairstyle and do so with confidence.

A Cropped Mullet Shag


When you have fine hair thin hair low maintenance short hairstyles are your way to go. They allow you to create an impression of a full head of hair in no time. One of such hairstyles is a pixie mullet shag. Thanks to its short length, especially on the sides, it does not take much effort to style and maintain the look. Yet, a longer shaggy back and top allow you to make your hair generally appear more voluminous.


A Layered Haircut for Thin Locks


A surefire way to give your fine hair body and structure is to add layers to it. Layering is a popular haircutting technique that implies chopping off your strands on different levels. And, when they stock up on each other, it looks as if you have a luxuriant mane. So, you can never go wrong with layered short hairstyles for fine hair.

Razor Cut Bob with a Lot Of Texture


It goes without saying that bobs are unbelievably versatile. They work for almost all hair types and textures. That said, if you have fine hair layered bob for thin hair is your sure bet. So that it has plenty of texture, you need to ask your hairstylist for razored layers.

A Stacked Bob with Feathered Layers


A stacked, or an A line, bob is one of the most popular fine hair short hair styles and no wonder. Because of feathering, the hairstyle comes out movable and playful, which helps to disguise your sparse locks. Besides, styling such a cut is pretty effortless, especially if you prefer a little messy and carefree hair looks.


Short Pixie with Faded Sides


In case you are up to something bold and edgy, take a closer look at pixie short hairstyles for fine hair. They guarantee you a place in the spotlight. For added emphasis, you can complement the look with a fade on the sides. Such fine hair thin hair low maintenance short hairstyles are perfect for women who value their time and are not afraid to be in the center of attention.


Straight Chin Bob


A straight chin bob is one of the best short haircuts for fine hair. It perfectly frames your face, making your features stand out. Blunt ends look chunky so there is an illusion that the strands are thicker and fuller than they actually are. Besides, you can style it in several different ways, like side parted, middle parted or brushed back.


Volumized Bob


Bobs add an illusion of a higher density and gradation to a simple cut. To style, simply blow-dry with a round brush and lift each section as you dry. Tease and apply product for a funky flair.


Soft Pixie


Pixies, as well as any short hairstyles for fine hair, will make your hair appear thicker. To achieve this gorgeous look, simply apply the product to wet hair and blow- dry your hair. Style it with your fingers instead of a styling brush.

Asymmetric Bob


This is one of the most adorable short hairstyles for fine hair. It works with all face shapes and is great if you are looking for a bold, new look. With this asymmetrical cut, your hair is shorter on one side of your head and gradually gets longer before it reaches the other side. Simply apply a volumizer then dry your hair using a round brush, lifting each section away from your hair and then letting it fall naturally.

Longer Bob For Fine Hair


This bob is for those who want a little more length. It works on any hair density and face shape. It adds volume and movement for those with finer hair. To achieve this look, blow-dry your hair as directed above (see #4) and then curl small sections with a 1-inch curling iron. Next, apply a texture powder to your roots and shake the hair from the root till the excess powder is distributed. Then shake out any excess powder and fluff and loosen the curls so they fall playfully around your face.



Short, Cropped Pixie


This adorable pixie works best on those with heart-shaped or rounded faces and really fine hair. With the elongated bangs and refined layers, this look is both edgy and chic. Apply smoothing lotion to your hair and then blow-dry with a brush and smooth the top with a flat iron to achieve a smooth, sleek look.

Voluminous Curls


This style works on all face shapes and it is great for those with natural waves or curls. You can also pull off this look if you have straighter hair and don’t mind spending time curling your hair. Curls add volume to naturally fine hair making it appear thicker and fuller. To achieve this gorgeous style, apply thermal protection to dry hair and then curl your hair with a medium curling iron in random directions. You can vary the size of the wand depending on the size of the curls and the volume you wish to achieve. You can opt for tighter curls or loose, big sexy curls. Make sure to add finishing spray to hold the curls and volume.

Beachy Curls


This look will add volume and sexy beach waves around your jaw line to make your hair look fuller. Simply curl your hair using a medium wand, add the product (volumizer or a curling serum), scrunch and spray! This look is carefree and chic for any occasion!


Stack, A-Line Bob


The rounded bob look, as pictured here, is a gorgeous hairstyle that is multi-seasonal. This look is acquired by blowing out your hair and allowing the layers to perform their magic. Not only is this a low-maintenance style, it is also very sleek and beautiful. The model in the photo has taken her look to a whole new level by choosing a somewhat edgy hair color. By choosing a bold color for her hair, she is expressing her confidence and style.

Disconnected A-Line


This ultra-contemporary look is super fun. It’s shorter in the back and longer in the front with little to no transition for a bold and daring look that is super chic. Add some high and lowlights for added dimension. To style, blow-dry and straighten the longer layers and apply lightweight products for extra shine and hold.

Blunt Cut


If you have fine hair, it is perfectly acceptable to wear it all one length, especially if you are not a fan of layers. Get a blunt cut with blunt bangs and add some streaks or even ombre tones for a fun look and feel. You can blow your hair out for added volume and movement or let it air dry naturally with this fun and flirty style.



Short Hair With Lovely Bang


This hairstyle is ideal for ladies who have fine hair and high forehead. This kind of bangs will make your forehead look shorter than it actually is and thus enhance your facial features. And these light waves in addition to little messiness will add much volume to your fine hair. A styling tip: use a straightener for the bangs to create that unique sleek versus wavy contrast.

Fabulous Undercut Hairstyle


Originally undercut hairstyles were created for men. However, this trend soon spread and became one of the top-preferred hairstyles for women. There are bolder undercut variations like a so-called “hair tattoo,” and subtler versions like the one in this picture. Paired with a blonde shade, this hairstyle is totally feminine. Use a thermal round brush when styling to achieve such polished look.

Messy Short Hairstyle


This messy hairstyle screams “freedom.” There are many ways to get that messy look. For example, apply texturizing spray and then scrunch your hair while air- or blow-drying. If your hair is a bit wavy naturally, texturizing spray will suffice. But if it’s naturally straight, you will need to use a curling wand.


Blonde Side Parted Bob


This is a gorgeous representation of straight bob short hairstyles for fine hair. While there are varying lengths you can get this hairstyle in, the length is not typically the definitive factor in this hairstyle. One of the most alluring factors in this haircut is color choice. Once a sort of taboo, the darker roots option has become a desirable look. This model’s hair blends into a gorgeous blonde in length. The jagged, somewhat choppy fringe of the hairstyle has a gorgeous effect. The lob bang also offers a seductive look to her hairstyle.


Messy Pixie Bob


This messy-style short haircut is beautifully done, and this style compliments the model's facial structure and draws attention to her eyes. The edginess of this style leans toward the more playful side of the model’s nature rather than an uptight more classic style. The side part compliments the straight hairstyle, and the choppy layers add enough volume to hide the model’s thin hair issue.

Silver Stacked Pixie


This stacked pixie bob is a perfect low-maintenance cut for women from all walks of life. With a shorter bang option, it almost has air of an A-line hairstyle. If you have thin hair and want to wear it short, be sure and pick a hairstyle that will give you plenty of volume. This hairstyle gives you the perfect amount of lift in the area of the back of your head. Make this cut more interesting by selecting a color that works well for you. Also, with this particular hairstyle, adding a color contrast underneath with a lighter color on top makes for a gorgeous style. Highlights would also be a viable option.


Blunt Messy Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair


When it comes to short hairstyles for fine hair, a very popular look in the fashion industry today is the messy look. Have you heard the myth that in order to wear this chic style you must have thick hair? This is simply not the case. With the proper cut, you can rock the bedhead look. With layers to volumize your locks, you can portray the illusion of a thick head of hair with plenty of waves and layers to add depth and dimension to your style. Also, picking the right shade to compliment your style is very important. A balayage or ombre style would accent your style impressively.

Side-Parted Short Waves


Waves and side-part looks are the most effective weapons to building volume even for the flattest and thinnest locks in the world. On short haircuts like bobs and pixies, waves reveal their full potential by amping up the texture with their flirty volumetric vibe. Make sure to keep your hair at a moderate length that doesn’t outweigh your fine tresses to always have natural volume in the hair. Now, let’s talk about this mesmerizing hairstyle. Though the waves are lightweight and effortless, the flip of the side part makes them look full and voluminous. The best thing is, such a styling idea will work equally brilliant for casual and special occasions, and all you need is to coat the midshafts and the flip with hairspray.

Inverted Layered Short Pixie


Some wise philosopher once said: “A woman who is familiar with layers knows not that a flat hair look is”. It doesn’t matter what hair type and length you rock; layers have lots of different approaches that result in volumetric looks full of movement and dynamics. Also, you can always intensify the beautifying power of layers by choosing a short inverted body for your haircut. The cascading length will make the layered structure look even edgier, while variously cut layers will provide your fine hair with a textured and volumizing finish. To add some sharpness to the edges, ask your hairdresser for a soft texturizing at the ends as well.


Side Long Bang


Bangs have always been the best friends of women who’d like to improve their looks. A properly-chopped fringe can not only give your face a stunning framing touch but also work on your hair texture. In fact, bangs are an additional layer of hair that can be layered and texturized to achieve an even more voluminous finish. Ask your hairstylist to blend the fringe with the rest of your hair seamlessly so that it forms a single whole with your haircut. When styling your hair, pay special attention to the bangs first, making it as voluminous as possible.

Long Wavy Layered Bob


When waves and layers come together, no trace of fine hair will be left. If you’re afraid to get lost in the variety of short hairstyles for fine hair, remember: layered wavy styles are something you can’t go wrong with. This bob is full of life and carefree vibes for stunning layered locks that amp up every single strand. Waves, in their turn, can add more bounce to the whole mane, creating the popular messy effect. Get yourself some salt spray, spritz it on your damp hair, and tousle up your hair as much as you can to get this fantastic look.

Chin-Length Bob With Layers


Layers can adapt to any haircut, be it a sharply cut shag with pointed edges of a perfectly leveled bob with curvy ends. To make the edgy ends pop, you can go for short texturizing layers that lighten up the texture and make it visually sharper. And for a chin-length bob like this, long cascading layers that give a folded round silhouette will work just perfectly. Also, ask your hairdresser to make the layers on the crown shorter than on the rest of the hair - it will make the crown lift up.



Layered Wavy Ends


Sometimes all you need to work on your hair type is to take the right approach to the way you style your ends! Of course, to recreate this fabulous dramatic hair look, you need to prep your ends with some soft texturizing. Make sure that your ends are airy enough; they must be thinner than the rest of your locks to work for this flipped hairstyle. As for the hairstyle, it’s very easy to do when you have the right cut: just style your hair with a round brush and hairdryer for the body, moving the brush counterclockwise for the ends. Secure the style with hairspray and see your look amp up.

Slightly Side-Parted Silky Sleek Elongated Bob


For those with fine hair looking for a flirty and elegant hairstyle, a sleek bob with a slight slide part might just do the trick. This style beautifully adds volume and texture to your hair while maintaining a chic and composed look. The side part also allows for your hair to fall more on one side of your face showing off your favorite angle and highlighting your facial features. You can ask for a customised length to suit your preference and you’re ready to attend both official and non-official events.

“A la Afro” Perm Curls For Fine Hair


Curls, no doubt, have an awesome way of elevating any hair texture and are a perfect choice when deciding on short hairstyles for fine hair. So if you’re interested in going all in to give your hair a bold and flirty look, consider afro perm curls. This style is all about voluminous, natural-looking curls that add texture and playfulness to your hair. The curls not only create the illusion of thicker hair but also exude a fun, confident vibe. It's a great choice for those who want to opt for a different hair length and also a new look.


Extra Sleek Classic Chin-Length Bobs

Right from time, bobs have always had a unique way of adding texture to any hair, what’s more, a chin-length bob. If you are interested in short hairstyles for fine hair, this sleek haircut saves you all the time and stress. By keeping your hair sleek and straight, you can create an ultra-modern, flirty look. The bob frames the face beautifully, enhancing your features and creating a sense of confidence and allure. Its simplicity makes it versatile, but you might need to get a few trims once in a while to maintain the bob length.

Half-Up Braided Style For Short Hair


For a more youthful yet romantic style on your short fine hair, the half-up braided style makes it appear like you put in enough effort to style your hair. This look combines the playfulness of braids with the convenience of short hair. You can gather the top layers into a cute half-up braided bun, leaving the rest of your hair down. It's a charming and casual look perfect for dates, weekends or a trip to the beach. What’s more. your braids don’t have to be perfect!

Punky Styled Mullet With Faux-Hawk


While others love bob when it comes to short hair, if you prefer something way shorter, a mullet cut has been proven to fit both men and women. Pair this mullet cut with a faux hawk and you have a daring and rebellious look, stepping outside the boundary of simple styles. The shorter side and longer top make for an attention-grabbing contrast. This hairstyle is not for the faint of heart, so be ready to be fully committed before opting for this haircut!


FAQ: Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Is shorter hair better for fine hair?

Because shorter hair is generally stronger than longer locks, even fine hair might look better with a very short haircut. Pixie haircuts can make thin hair look thicker than it actually is.

Should fine short hair be layered?

If you have fine hair that is naturally straight, go for short-to-medium layered styles for fine hair. This will add volume and texture to your fine strands.

Will short hair make me look skinnier?

A bob that is cut short in the back and longer in the front will make your face appear slimmer. The way the hair flows along the face will also help to make it look longer if you separate it along the center.