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Galaxy Hair Tutorial

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So, how to do galaxy hair at home? It will require some patience, effort, and time, but it is worth it! This galaxy hair dye tutorial is not complicated. You’ll need to have the following things at hand: a hair brush, brushes for every dye shade, several packs of hair dye in the colors you prefer, hair clips, a comb, mixing bowls, a blow-dryer, and plastic wrap. Now let’s see how to dye your tresses.

  • Preparation for dying includes shampooing and conditioning, then air- or blow-drying and then combing. It is preferable to undye your tresses beforehand.
  • The next thing to do is to section your tresses and hold them with clips. It will facilitate the process of applying various colors and wrapping sections individually to prevent any bleeding.
  • Now dye every section individually, using alternating colors like purple, then blue, then green, then purple again, etc. And plastic wrap can help you separate the sections you do not wish to bleed. Keep repeating this process until you get that saturated, rich finish.
  • And finally, let the color dry for 45 minutes up to one hour (depending on the instructions mentioned on the galaxy hair dye kit). Then rinse your tresses with lukewarm water and dry them. Congrats to the miraculous color!
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