Elissa Wolfe

Hairstylist, Travel&Lifestyle Blogger
EXPERTISE: Hairstylist, Haircolorist
LIVES IN: Vancouver BC
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: Elissa Wolfe brings a wealth of experience and an impeccable educational background to her role as a stylist and educator. With over 18 years in the hair industry, her extensive training with Sassoon has honed her precision cutting and styling techniques, making her a master of the craft. As an educator at JC Institute, Elissa shares her rich knowledge and passion for hair with aspiring stylists, shaping the next generation of hair experts.
At Axishair Salon, where she has been a senior stylist for a decade, Elissa has built a reputation for exceptional service, offering a comprehensive suite of hair treatments including cuts, colors, color corrections, creative colors, and the ever-popular balayage. Her dedication to her clients is evident in her eagerness to transform their hair, ensuring each individual leaves the salon with a look that not only suits them but also elevates their natural beauty.

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