Haircuts for Square Faces


The Cutest Haircuts for Square Faces

Haircuts for square faces include hundreds of possibilities. The main thing is that they won’t make your face look even broader than it is, but quite the opposite, it will seem longer. Moreover, all the necessary lines will be emphasized. When you reach this effect, this is how you know that your choice was right. In order to soften a square face shape, one should incorporate layers into a hairstyle. Also, the appropriate hair length and hair type should be taken into consideration. Besides recommendations, it is vital to be aware of taboos. Medium haircuts with bangs are a definite no-go area for this type of face because it accentuates a square even more. Not many women can pull off short haircuts. If you have a hankering for it, consider layers and asymmetry. As for long haircuts, feel free to slay them. See more hairstyles for square faces at

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