Do you know that some short hairstyles for round faces can really enhance your facial features? Actually, when picking a bunch of your favorite hairstyles, why not opt for the most flattering only, so to say, to always win?


We would emphasize that going for hairstyles for round faces that are true to you is essential. Every lady is unique, pretty in her own way, and if you wish to rock a hairstyle that will make your face even rounder than it is – that’s your choice.

However, you should know that there are tricks that can make your round face shape appear more oval, slimmer. So, why not use this knowledge to your advantage?

A flattering hairstyle can boost self-confidence, so let’s pick one for you.

Top Tips For Choosing Right Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

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There are some general tips that can help choose the best hairstyles for chubby round faces.

  • Never opt for heavy bangs that are also straight. These bangs end like a line placed horizontally, thus widening a round face visually.
  • Hairstyles for fat faces and overweight women are never sleek and compact. In fact, such hairstyles can only worsen the situation. Mind that, in case you are a plus-size woman.
  • No matter which hairstyle you pick, once you leave some elongated strands by both sides of the face, it will easily make a face appear slimmer.
  • Also, you can always go for side bangs that are elongated. Any line placed diagonally will cross the face and hence make it appear longer.
  • Another way to visually elongate the face is to get some volume boost on the top.
  • If you opt for curls, make sure that they are not placed any near your cheeks so as not to widen their silhouette.


Pixie Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

Despite the common myth about super short haircuts, pixies have game-changing approaches to round faces. When you know what texture, silhouette, and length work best for your face shape, you can pull off any cut, and a pixie is no exception! See how you can let some styling freedom into your life and flatter your face at the same time with the hottest haircut of today.

Asymmetry Is The Best Choice!

Here you can observe short hairstyles for round faces that will not only work for your face but also amp up your image. Basically, asymmetric haircuts are considered to be among the most complimenting haircuts for babes who have a round face shape. Their layered variations are especially flattering because layers create tons of visual volume and movement. Also, you can opt for waved hairstyles or sleek hairstyles that have a bit rounded ends. Another great advantage of the asymmetry is that it distracts attention from the roundness of your face. It is a simple rule: you can always hide something by accentuating something else.


Layered Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

Here you can see pretty layered short hairstyles for chubby faces. Such hairstyles are popular because they look stylish and flatter the round face shape perfectly. Pick one of these hairstyles if you do not only wish to stay on-trend but also look like a million bucks.

Pixie Hairstyles

Pixies are among the most popular and sassy short hairstyles for round faces. Of course, there are good reasons for that. First of all, a pixie haircut is ultimately versatile, and it is a fact. Also, pixie haircuts for round faces often feature long and asymmetrical bangs that assist in cutting that unnecessary broadness that your face has. So, next time you hear that pixies are not good for round faces, tell them that it is nonsense because you can definitely rock it and appear super charming.


Bob Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

The ever-popular bob haircut is the number one choice of women not only for its edgy and classy look but also for its face-flattering magic. Since this haircut is one of the most flexible and customizable options, there's a bob for every hair type, lifestyle, and face shape. In case you've always wanted to go short but something has been stopping you, these ideas will draw away your hesitation!

Hairstyles With Bangs

When opting for short haircuts for women with round faces, remember that bangs can either make or break the look. The best idea is to go for choppy textured bangs. It’s because the texture can help diffuse that extra roundness. Also, opt for the length near the area of the eyes for the bangs to elongate rather than widen the face shape. Long curtain bangs will work great for the round face, as well. Style them so that they get soft volume, and this will visually slim your face.

Bob Cuts

These bob hairstyles for round faces appear super cool, feminine, and very complimenting at once. As a matter of fact, a bob can offer you all you need, from enough length for styling experiments to the slimming effect you desire. Additionally, you get a very beautiful silhouette. And any professional hairstylist would suggest that you pick a bob that is at least chin-length or longer, but not shorter! Side and off-center parting will not make a face chubbier. Your best bets are stacked bobs that have a bit shorter nape, graduated bobs, lobs, and angled bobs.


Short To Medium Hairstyles For Round Face Shape

Here you can observe top short to medium length hairstyles for round face. As you can see, pastel bobs are indeed huge today. It’s i a great hairstyle if you want to enhance your features and also spice things up with the color.

Flattering Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

There’s no need for you to be afraid that your round face will spoil your look, as know you see how you can make the best out of it. Just remember: your face shape is something you should be proud of, so don’t get angry if it looks bigger when you look in the mirror. The truth is that your face shape needs a personal approach. Short haircuts with long front locks can be the best decision ever: the locks will straighten your face visually, bringing the focus to your eyes. Short pixie or a medium bob, as well as angled haircuts that frame your face can create an amazing silhouette for you. Look at these photos: it’s almost impossible to define their face shapes, it just looks gorgeous and that’s all we need.

From Pixie To Bob Hairstyles

Only these cuties know how to properly beautify the style of those with round faces: the pixie and bob. Pixie haircuts are popular with women because it perfectly frames their faces, no matter what face shape they have. So girls with round faces are in luck because they have finally found what they need to look flawless. Get yourself a pixie and leave everything up to the front locks, they know how to deal with round faces. Some messy hairstyles will be a nice decision, too. Their structure gives a great volume to your hair, so your silhouette draws attention and places the focus on the best features of your face. One of these ideas can be something you will see in the mirror, just don’t hesitate to try something new.


A-Line Bob

A-line bobs are amazing and beneficial by default. But when it comes to working with round faces, they reveal their real beautifying potential. Since they have an angular shape, the front strands are significantly longer than the back ones. And that means your beautiful face will always have a lot of room for framing. All in all, A-line cuts are known for their face-slimming magic.

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

By sweeping the hair to one side you not only give a fresh take at the popular silhouette but you also buy yourself the framing magic! On top of that, this style is super simple to get while being the best weapon to fight fine and thin hair looks.

Amazing Wolf Cuts For Round Faces

In case you still don't know what a wolf cut hair is, it is a fashionable hybrid of a modernized shag and a stylish mullet. The hairstyle is as wild as it sounds. If you are looking for additional movement to create around your chin and jawline, a wolf cut is your best bet. The intricate tousles will soften your face's roundness, which is an extra benefit to brood upon. Keep in mind that the hairstyle is designed to inspire additional volume too. All it takes is a bit of a sea salt spray to seal it in.


Curly Hairstyles For Round Faces

Very often, when you think about short hairstyles for round faces, you may rule out trimming those curls of yours since you may assume that they don't go well with the shape. However, the assumption is nothing but misleading. You can rock those cute curls if you want to. All it takes is to style them well, ensuring they make proper angles to introduce more squareness to your face. For instance, a short Afro will elongate your face while adding volume to the top. At the same time, face-framing curls will bring your best features out while sharpening the softness of your front.


Do Round faces look good with short hair?

There is no such thing as the best length for a certain face shape. Instead, it takes the style, length, and type of the cut to compliment a certain shape. Thus, if the cut is well-chosen and professionally done, the round face will look fantastic with short hair.

What short haircut is best for a round face?

The main factor that round faces lack are the missing angles. So, any short cut that comes spiced with angles and layers will deal with the task effectively. These days, angled bobs and chopped pixies are on the edge of popularity since they tend to enhance round faces best. However, aside from the type of haircut, you should be careful with the hues you pursue. You need to ensure that the chosen tones correspond with your facial features well.

What hairstyles should round faces avoid?

There is barely such a thing as unfitting short hairstyles for round faces. However, a jaw-long bob with no bangs or layers would be the sole exception. A classy bob of the mentioned length will add up to the width of the face, and that is the notion that people with round faces try to avoid.

Now you know that complimenting short hair styles for round faces exist, and actually, the pool of options is quite big. Our blog has more useful info, check it out!

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