Tired of your staple bob haircut but not ready to venture out for a pixie? No worries, there is the happy medium for you – a bixie haircut. This trendy haircut takes the best from both cuts – airiness and texture from a pixie as well as a flattering silhouette from a bob. It is time to bring a welcome change to your hair look and a bixie will definitely help you with this. And so that you do not have to browse the Internet for ideas, we have collected some of the best bixies below. As a bonus, you will get styling and wearing tips.


What Is a Bixie Cut?

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But first things first, what is a bixie haircut? This is a short haircut that suggests combining a pixie cut with a traditional bob in one hair look. It is typically layered, which makes it a perfect option for both thin and thick locks. The cut is often accompanied by a bang, which frames the face and flatters most, if not all, face shapes.


How To Style a Bixie

Now that you know what is a bixie haircut, it is time to get inspired on your next hair look. So, take a glance at the most beautiful bixie haircut images we have picked out for you and choose the style that you can make your signature.

Softy Razored Bixie

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A bixie, or a pixie bob, as it is often called, is already a bold and daring haircut. It is obviously not for everyone, as you need to have quite a lot of fashion bravery to pull it off. So, if you are not ready to commit to a classic bixie haircut 2023 hair trends are all about, go for a bixie with softer layers.


Shagged Out Pixie Bob with Baby Bangs

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While shaggy short hair styles are not at the peak of their popularity, they can still be incorporated into other trendy cuts, such as a bixie hair cut. Together, they make up an edgy and high contrast hair look. To take it to another level of boldness, complement your shagged out bixie with a baby bang.

Long Bixie Haircut

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One of the best things about a pixie bob is its versatility. Although it generally belongs to short haircuts, you can adjust its length to suit your preferences. A long bixie haircut is still quite impactful but it also looks more appropriate in a formal ambiance. A perfect choice if you have stricter dress code rules at work.


Bixie with Long Front Layers

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If you like to add retro chic to your look, take a 90s bixie haircut into account. You will easily recognize it by elongated front bangs that beautifully accentuate your facial features. As it is essentially a pixie layered bob, it is pretty easy to style and maintain. Another reason to go for this hair look.

Feathered Bixie Cut

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Want to know what a perfect bixie haircut for fine hair looks like? It is enhanced with feathered layers. Similarly to a wedge haircut, by feathering a bixie, you make your locks more textured and defined. As a result, it looks as if you have a full head of hair.

Layered Bixie with Face-Framing Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/ilyashuvalov_nn Credit photo: instagram.com/cut_and_color Credit photo: instagram.com/cut_and_color

A pixie bob is almost always paired with a bang for good reason. This combo has a very complimentary silhouette from all sides. Bangs give the bixie a face framing effect, making it work for different face shapes. So, no wonder it is one of the most popular chubby face haircuts.


Stacked Bixie with an Undrcut

Credit photo: instagram.com/exotismos Credit photo: instagram.com/exotismos Credit photo: instagram.com/exotismos Credit photo: instagram.com/exotismos

It is always a good idea to enhance a pixie short bob with an undercut, especially when it has stacked layers. The cut comes out incredibly voluminous and full. As such, if you have fine hair bixie haircut is your surefire way to go.

Messy Bixie with a Deep Side Part

Credit photo: instagram.com/exotismos Credit photo: instagram.com/andrewdoeshair Credit photo: instagram.com/andrewdoeshair

A pixie bob haircut can be styled in a myriad of different ways. Feeling like wearing something effortless and relaxed? Opt for a messy bixie haircut, which can be achieved in a couple of ruffles with your hand. This is also a great way to style a curly bixie. To give it an intricate twist, define the hairstyle with a deep parting on the side.

Blunt Bixie

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We are used to seeing a bixie haircut with a lot of texture all over. Yet, you can bring an unusual twist to it by going for blunt ends. The rest of the hair can be layered and textured to keep the general vibe of the style. For an ultimately eye catching haircut, finish off the look with blunt bangs.


Ear-Length Bixie

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An ear length bixie is a golden mean between a long pixie bob and a short one. The length allows for multiple styling options while not being too difficult to manage. Feel free to wear it sleek, messy, curled or anything in between. After all, you can always tuck your strands behind the ears and be good to go.

Bixie Cut Tips and Things to Consider

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Such androgynous haircuts as a bixie can sometimes be quite tricky to pull off. To ensure you make the most out of it, here are some essential tips to take into account.

  1. Layering goes without saying. A bixie cut is all about layers. They help to make your locks lighter and more moveable. If you prefer blunt ends with your bob, then for a bixie, you will need to adopt layering, which a pixie usually has. In this way, your haircut will not look heavy or blunt.

  2. Get the ends point cut. In addition to layering, you need to make sure the ends of your hair are point cut. This will make your strands wispy and airy while the profile will generally appear smooth and polished.

  3. Match the bangs to the style. When going for a bixie with bangs, it is important that their length and type match the aesthetic of the whole haircut. You should also take the shape of your face and the type of your hair in mind. As such, those whose faces are round will benefit from short bangs that touch cheekbones. Ladies with heart shaped, oval and square faces should consider long bangs with soft layers. If you have a square or oval face, look for a full bang that skims your brows. Other options include bottleneck bangs and curtain bangs.

  4. Creativity is always welcome. Even though a bixie haircut is quite bold and edgy on its own, you can still play around with the styling. Try on different textures, be it curls, waves or straight locks. Parting is also a great way to change your look, as you can choose from a center, side, off center and deep side parting.

  5. Upkeep is key to success. One of the downsides of short cuts is that they need to be refreshed pretty often. Otherwise, they can give you a shaggy look. To keep the bixie on point, do not skip your hair appointments. You may need to visit the hair salon once in a couple of months to maintain the length, as well as get rid of split ends. And do not forget that a proper hair care routine will help your mane to look better longer.

If you like to be the center of attention, a bixie haircut is your way to go. This daring chop is not for faint hearted. You also need to be pretty fashion forward to be able to pull it off. Yet, going for it, you will not be disappointed.

FAQ: Bixie Haircuts

Is a Bixie cut good for thin hair?

A bixie works wonders no matter whether you have thin hair or thick. For thin locks though, you will need to have blowout styling to achieve more volume.

Is a Bixie cut good for fine hair?

A bixie is basically made for fine hair. It will allow you to create an impression as if you have a full head of hair. It is your way out if you are not ready to get an ultra short haircut yet. Plus, maintenance and styling are extremely easy.

Should I get a Bixie cut?

Are you into weightless and slightly disheveled short hair looks? Then you should give a bixie a go. It will not disappoint you, as thanks to plenty of layers and texture the bixie has, it looks stunning on everyone regardless of their hair type and face shape.