Girls with a chubby face often find it difficult to pick out the hairstyle or cut that would flatter their face shape. If this is the case for you, we have good news! We have created an expert guide that will help you not only to embrace but also to make the most out of your facial features. So, make sure to explore it thoroughly and select the style that resonates with you most.


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What Haircut Is Best For Chubby Face?

It comes as no surprise that for different face shapes haircuts may work wonders when they are chosen correctly and a chubby face is no exception. But first, it makes sense to clear things out as to what face is considered chubby. It does not necessarily mean that the person is overweight. They can simply have a face shape that is extremely round even when their weight is considered normal. Some people, on the other hand, gain weight in their faces first. And if you are curvy, it is very likely that your face looks chubby.

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While every face shape is beautiful and there is no need to be ashamed of it, balancing out your facial features may add greatly to your self esteem and confidence. So, why not take advantage of it? Now, what does a perfect chubby face haircut look like? Well, it depends on the facial features that you want to balance out. The right chubby face hairstyle will make your most attractive traits stand out whereas the potential flaws will be disguised. As such, your face will look more sculptured and defined.


Four Principles Of Perfect Haircuts For Chubby Faces

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To ensure the haircut for chubby faces works as intended, it should comply with the following principles.

  1. The haircut should restore balance to your face. So that your face looks balanced, you need to check where you have the most weight and based on this, choose the right cut. As a rule of thumb, you need to draw attention away from the heavier parts, shifting it to those with less weight. For instance, flattering haircuts for square faces try to visually elongate your head, enhancing the height on top and distracting attention from the jawline.

  2. Take your most attractive facial features to the spotlight. It is always a good idea to make the features you are most proud of the focal point of the look. If these are your cheekbones, you should accentuate them with the proper cut. The same applies to your eyes, lips or whatever part of your face you like more. Yet, chubby faces generally have prominent cheekbones, so you need to take them to the center of attention. This can be achieved thanks to the hairstyles for round faces that skim your cheekbones.

  3. Part your hair in the right place. You should never underestimate the importance of the right placement of the parting for chubby or any other face shape. To make your face look leaner and more elongated, complement your haircut with a side parting. You can still make a middle part work for you. With a voluminous top, it will come out pretty flattering too. Flat middle partings should be avoided though, as they do you no favor.

  4. Steer clear of the haircuts that make your face wider. Not only do you need to avoid wearing a flat center part but face widening haircuts in general. As chubby faces are already full and wide, your haircut should not enhance that. The real enemies of faces with chubby features are flat sleek hairstyles lacking volume, a blunt bang, a bob that grazes your chin and anything that has voluminous sides.

Most Suitable Ideas Of Haircuts For A Chubby Face

So that you have some options to choose from, we have collected the most popular chubby face haircuts below. Now you can simply look through our collection and pick out the style that appeals to you most.

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Curtain Bang and a Lob

For a chubby face long bob haircuts are one of the best options, especially if accompanied by a bang. When choosing the type of bangs for round faces, consider those that frame your face.

Curtain bangs are certainly the failsafe idea in this case. As they fall freely on the sides, they create an illusion of a slimmer face.

Voluminous a Line Bob With a Bang Swept To The Side

If you have a chubby face short thick hair combo, then an A line bob is your way to go. As it features a lot of volume on top, it makes your face look longer. Plus, it will not take much time or effort to maintain your hairstyle. For added emphasis, pair the look with a side swept bang.


Bixie Haircut

A bixie haircut, which is a merge of a bob and a pixie haircut, is one of the most popular short hairstyles for round faces. For a chubby face long pixie cut is a real savior, as it allows you to balance out your proportions and make your face appear narrower. In addition to a chubby face pixie cut for thin hair also works better when it is combined with a bob.

Wolf Cut for Round Faces

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If you have a chubby face and want to balance it out a bit, then layered wolf cut hair is made for you. It draws attention away from your prominent cheeks while taking your beautiful eyes to center stage. This haircut is also pretty easy to maintain, so it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Mid Length Cuts for A Chubby Face

For a chubby face medium length haircuts are a golden mean. They are not as daring and bold as a short chop, yet they require much less maintenance than say, a long hairstyle for round chubby face. So, whenever you are in doubt about what haircut to choose, you can never go wrong with medium hairstyles for round faces.


Long Haircuts with Plenty Of Layers For a Chubby Face

If you have a chubby face long layered haircuts are made for you. They allow you to enhance your most beautiful features while balancing out the proportions of your chubby face. Plus, layering makes the maintenance of your long strands effortless so you can experiment with different styles and looks with ease.

Lobs For a Chubby Face

When you have a chubby face low maintenance haircut is a real blessing for you. As you do not have to spend hours taking care of your locks, whereas your face seems more slender with it. A long bob, or simply a lob, is a chubby face low maintenance shoulder length haircut that you are bound to fall in love with. It provides you with everything you seek in a perfect cut for a chubby, round or square face.

Short Shaggy Chubby Face Haircut

The best way to wear short hair for chubby face is by styling it shaggy and voluminous. Sleek and blunt edges are not for you, so try to stay away from them. While there is a plethora of short chubby face haircuts for curly hair, you should lean toward light and movable hair looks that would not make your heavy facial features show off even more.


Chubby Face Hairstyle for Curly Locks

If you were blessed with curly tresses, then you should try to make the most out of them. For a chubby face short curly hairstyles provide much versatility, as you can easily adjust your hair look to suit any ambiance and match any outfit. And the maintenance? It has never been easier.

Bob With Soft Ends

While ideally the best haircut for fat face double chin should feature numerous sharp and edgy layers, this is not always the case. If you prefer a bit softer silhouette, you are free to go for a classic bob with slightly softened ends. Yet, make sure it is voluminous and airy. Otherwise, it will add bulk to your face.

Bottleneck Bangs with Long Hair For Chubby Face

The bottleneck bangs are a trendy variation of the curtain bang. Its main advantage for chubby faced girls is that it grazes the cheekbones, thus making them stand out. As a result, your face looks more elongated and angular. The rest of the locks should be long enough to fall down your shoulders. For a chubby face long hair with bangs like this is a match made in heaven.


Middle Parted Long Soft Waves

Even though in most cases a middle parting is not recommended for girls with chubby faces, you can still make it suitable for you. If you have long tresses and you style them slightly wavy, then you are welcome to part your hair in the middle. However, do not forget to create enough volume on top to counterbalance the heavy bottom part of your face.

Waves With a Side Parting

When you get a side parting, you shift the focus to the top and side of your hairstyle. As such, your face seems more elongated. To boost this slimming effect, you can style your tresses in relaxed waves and tousle them with your fingers for more volume. Disconnected layers help to give your face a more angular appearance, so do not skimp on them.

Octopus Chubby Face Cut

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If you have a chubby face trendy shoulder length straight hair cut that would look flattering on you is not that easy to find. But this does not apply to the octopus haircut. Thanks to wispy layers, the focus is on the top. So, your chubby facial features attract less attention.


Highlights with a Deep Parting On The Side

The right chubby face haircut is not the only way to restore balance to your features. You can also incorporate highlighted strands near your face, which will make it visually elongated. Style this hair look deep parted to take the cheekbones to the limelight and narrow down the face.

Now that you know everything about the most complimentary haircuts and styles for a chubby face, it is time to change your hair look! What it is going to be is up to you, but we are completely sure that with any of our ideas your hair will look stunning. And by following our professional tips, you will take it to another level.

FAQ: Chubby Face Hair

Is short hair better for chubby faces?

Short hair may be the best way to go for chubby faces provided it has the proper length and shape that flatter your features.

How can I hide my face fat?

For a full chubby face, the best way to disguise the excess fat is to get a bob haircut. Let the ends skim your chin to make the jawline more prominent.