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Let Your Badass Side Show Up With These Half Shaved Head Hairstyles

The world isn’t split into good and evil, so even charming and feminine women have dramatic, fiery sides; and shaved head hairstyles are meant to show it off. Although a decade ago shaved styles used to be associated with brutal punks, today it’s another way for women to express their wild and dynamic personalities.

Your hair is the most significant detail of your style that tells people who you really are. For that reason, we’ve selected the most eye-catching, dramatic, and unique hairstyles with half shaved head designs. Once you feel the need for going bold, feel free to steal those ideas!

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Consider This Before Getting A Side Shaved

Though getting a half head shaved may seem to be a spontaneous, impulsive decision, in fact, it requires a very thoughtful approach. Moreover, it’s more of a commitment that involves regular upkeep and maintenance routine. But don’t jump into conclusions: wearing such haircuts is not a total sacrifice. Here are the basics you should keep in mind to know what to expect and how to keep up with the amazing new look.

  • Getting a side shave and a half shaved head are not the same things. The very first thing you should decide is how much hair you want to shave. You can either go for a side shave or half-shaved style, where the former involves shaving off one side of the head and the latter implies cutting most of the hair from the center.
  • Prepare to maintain the look every two or three weeks. After two weeks, the perfectly defined, outlined side will start to stick out and hence become thicker and more visible. If you don’t want to get back to your regular one-length look, make sure to maintain the shaved portion. The best thing is, you can do it yourself. Of course, if you feel that your eyes are not that sharp, you can ask a hairdresser for help.
  • Conservative people are most likely to find your look inappropriate. Let’s face it, there are lots of people who aren’t used to changes, not to mention drastic ones. Just be ready to catch not only envious but also surprised eyes.
  • You can always hide the shaved side. If you hesitate to show up with your shaved masterpiece, you can pull the longer locks forward and cover the shaved portion. Also, you can put your hair into a low ponytail, which is way easier and more comfortable.
  • All in all, half shaved hairstyles are super fashionable today. Coming across a girl with half shaved head won’t be a total confusion to most people, as more and more celebrities and pop icons are showing up with such hairstyles.

    Moreover, such famous girls as Rihanna, Natalie Dormer, and Miley Cyrus have proven that getting a punk-inspired style doesn’t make them look less feminine. Therefore, don’t get intimidated by the fact that you don’t see such styles on every single girl. The truth is, not every girl is brave enough to go for impressive changes!

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