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Simple Three Strand Braid

Simple Three Strand Braid #hippiehairstyles #braids

As it turns out, pulling the edges of a simple three-strand braid is enough to turn it into a hippie hair! Yes, those funky guys were friends with simplicity.
Source: larinabeauty via Instagram

Double Pull Through Braids

Double Pull Through Braids #hippiehairstyles #braids

Remember the bright and colorful hippie flower headbands? In fact, they’re a nice way to make your pull through braids fit the Woodstock dress code.
Source: blohaute via Instagram

Twisted Half-Up Into Braid

Twisted Half-Up Into Braid #braids #halfup #hippiehairstyles

Messy twists with tousled braids and disheveled locks hanging on the shoulders were the most prominent characteristics of hippie hairstyles for long hair.
Source: blohaute via Instagram

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