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Waves & Dreadlocks

Waves & Dreadlocks #hippiehairstyles

Messy, bushy waves were all the rage in the times of hippie movements. Moreover, coupled with several dreadlocks, they formed a common look of a boho queen.
Source: alisa.belochkina via Instagram

Wavy Half-Up Bun

Wavy Half-Up Bun #halfup #hippiehairstyles

With the right hippie hair accessories and outfits, the most straightforward half-ups will look appear in a new, rock & roll light.
Source: salome via Instagram

Updo Bun With Shells

Updo Bun With Shells #updo #hippiehairstyles

Throwing a beach party with Beatles songs and lots of friends around the fire pit? Why don’t make a crazy updo embellished with shells to match the awesome mood?
Source: alisa.belochkina via Instagram

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