When we want to find out how to curl short hair, the only things we come across while searching are lots of either unaffordable or complicated ideas. And then we just think: maybe it’s better to go to the hairdresser’s?


On the other hand, you understand that calling your hairstylist whenever you want a curly haircut is just ridiculous. Every woman has her secret of beauty and now it’s time for you to get your own secret. Remember that your short hair doesn’t have any limitations, so you can be as creative as you want.

There’s nothing impossible for you and your short haircut! If you are tired of similar ideas you’ve seen so far, you’re in the right place. We prepared for you just three easy ways of how to make your hair curly without spending too much money and time. It’s your day today, set your mood for curls and let’s make them together!

How To Curl Short Hair With A Flat Iron

You don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to know that flat iron is the best solution for short hair styles. Curling short hair with flat iron has never been easier, follow these steps and you will fall in love with your adorable waves.

How To Curl Hair With A Flat Iron
Source: Milabu
  1. Prepare your flat iron: to make sure that it won’t stuck in your hair, take a dry towel and wipe off any excess. It will also prevent damaging of your hair.
  2. Prepare your hair: use some heat protective cream before curling hair with flat iron. That will also help you to protect your hair from any type of damage.
  3. Section off your hair and brush it to make sure there are no knots.
  4. Take the first lock and gently twist it using your iron. It’s better to point your iron down when making curls. Let the first section be waved away from your face.
  5. Do the same with your next lock, but twist it towards your face. Alternate your locks: it will add a nice texture to your hairstyle.
  6. When you finished with the lower layer of your hair, lose your upper layer and make three sections. Save your top hair for last: we all need some dimension, right?
  7. The upper layer is ready, let’s move to the top hair. Do the same thing: alternate all the sections.
  8. Your amazing hairstyle is ready! Just add some textured spray throughout your hair and run your fingers through your waves to calm everything down, there is no better way of how to curl hair with a curling iron and make it stay.

And that’s it! Go on reading, we still have something to impress you.


Overnight Heatless Curls

We know that short curly hair is gorgeous, but none of us wants to get our hair damaged after several times of using a hair dryer and flat iron. If you are tired of sacrificing your hair for a beautiful look here comes another sensational and most importantly harmless idea for your curls. Yes, the ways to curl your hair without heat DO exist. Let’s check out the easiest one, follow us:

Overnight Heatless Curls
Source: Jaleesa Moses
  1. Split your hair in half and section it again to get four separate sections. Make sure your hair is wet enough!
  2. Set your first sections (that are closer to your face) high up and twist it clockwise. Twist it around the base, put a scrunchy and roll it tightly.
  3. The sections on the back of your hair must be twisted towards the first ones: it will create the needed volume.
  4. Now it’s time to go to sleep! The magic will take place in the morning.
  5. Morning: lose your knots, untwist them a little and thicken the locks with a hairspray.

Enjoy the magical voluminous curls you’ve made while you were asleep!

The Best Heatless Curls

Sometimes it seems like we will never get rid of our hair irons. Now you can officially allow yourself to forget about that. With this absolutely flawless heatless method, you will never need to know how to use a curling iron on short hair. There’s no need to call your hairdresser, just keep on reading and follow these steps. You will be impressed, we promise. Here comes literally the best heatless method for curling hair. Check it out:

The Best Heatless Curls
Source: Milabu
  1. Get yourself a pack of curlformers, they are the key element of this tutorial.
  2. Section off your hair.
  3. Then act according to the instructions of your curlformers. Put your hair through the little hook, just pull your hair through and take off the hook.
  4. Take the curlformers off and... enjoy!

As you can see, this way is really the easiest as the list of steps is too short. Isn’t that the method we all have been looking for? The best thing about it: you don’t have to wait the whole night to get bouncy curls. You can just give it a couple of hours and that’s all!

Now you know the best ways of how to get so much needed wavy curls! Don’t wait for a special occasion and give them a try right now. Being beautiful is something we are free to do for no reason!


How To: Heatless Curls Using Flowers

Here’s another reason for women to love flowers. Follow these steps to fall in love with roses and heatless curls!

How To Heatless Curls Using Flowers #howtocurlshorthair #shorthairstyles #hairstyles #curlyhair #tutorial
Source: Milabu
  1. First, you need to adjust the length of your roses, using sheers. Your curling iron will be your measuring prompt!
  2. Make sure that you have something to hold your roses on your head.
  3. Curl your locks around the stem, wrapping it around and away, just in exact the same way you curl them with an iron.
  4. Secure your roses with bobby pins.
  5. Once you wrapped all of your hair, give it at least one hour.
  6. Enjoy your absolutely heatless and magnificent curls!

How To: Heatless Curls With A Braid Technique

How To Heatless Curls With A Braid Technique #howtocurlshorthair #shorthairstyles #hairstyles #curlyhair #tutorial
Source: Milabu
  1. Start with completely dry hair, going for the middle part.
  2. Take one section away so that its hairs won’t incorporate into the side you’re going to braid.
  3. Start doing a dutch braid, where the outer and top sections go under the middle. Make sure it goes towards the back of your head!
  4. When all of the side section is incorporated into a braid, repeat the same steps for the second one.
  5. Give these braids some time and enjoy your effortless curls! P.S. It’s better to unbraid them on the second day.


Chopstick Curls Tutorial

Chopstick Curls Tutorial #howtocurlshorthair #shorthairstyles #hairstyles #curlyhair #tutorial

If you think that you’ve already tried out all the ways to curl your hair, you’ve never been so wrong. Here’s something totally new and, most importantly, absolutely affordable. Have you heard of a chopstick styler? Whatever your answer is, this tutorial will make you fall in love with this tool as it creates an amazingly voluminous look.

  1. Turn on the tool and apply a generous amount of a heat protectant to your hair before using it.
  2. Section off the top layer of hair.
  3. Then, take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the curler, taking it away from the face.
  4. Once you’re done with the lower layer of hair, unravel the upper one and go on to creating curls in an exactly the same manner.
  5. Before finishing the style with hair spray, brush the freshly made curls thoroughly, so that the texture appears more natural and airy.

Yes, it’s not just another tutorial on how to curl short hair; it’s a ravishing way on making friends with volume.

Source: Milabu

Soft Waves Hair Tutorial

Soft Waves Hair Tutorial #howtocurlshorthair #shorthairstyles #hairstyles #curlyhair #tutorial
Source: Chloe Brown

Those who rock their days with pixies can’t do without this tutorial! Not only is it super easy but also extremely helpful for ladies who want to give a slightly wavy finish to their casual hair looks.

  1. Start with your clean, conditioned, and blow-dried hair.
  2. Brush your hair and create a ponytail with the longer tresses of your pixie.
  3. Now, take a curling iron (for short and fine hair it’s better to work with a 3/4 inch size) and curl a little section, giving it just one pass.
  4. Go on waving your hair, changing the direction of the iron lock by lock. As for the hair on the back, you can leave it just as it is.
  5. When the lower layer is waved, begin waving the top portion by picking little sections from the ponytail.
  6. Once all waves are ready, tousle them up to give them an effortless finish.
  7. To make the amazing look stay longer, give it a coat of texturizing hair spray.

There are so many awesome things to do with your pixie, and today you’ve learned how to give a quick fresh take at it!

FAQ: How To Curl Short Hair

How can I curl my short hair naturally?

  • Firstly, wash your hair.
  • Make sure your hair is thoroughly combed and free of tangles.
  • Apply a small amount of mousse.
  • Divide your hair into small chunks.
  • Use curling spray to complete the set.
  • Let the curls dry completely.
  • Take off the pins.
  • Sprinkle the finished curls with a firm-hold hairspray.

Why does short hair curl outwards?

Hair can turn outwards for a variety of reasons, one of which is the way it is cut.
Your hair will curl out more easily if the layers are thick. A skilled hairdresser, on the other hand, can cut your hair in such a way that it bends and tucks in. Undercutting hair at the nape is one technique to achieve this.

How do I stop my hair from curling?

Anti-frizz hair spray can help prevent frizz while keeping your hair moisturized, so use it after you’ve finished styling, but make sure to use it afterward if you’re going to flat iron or blow dry your hair.