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The Best Heatless Curls

Sometimes it seems like we will never get rid of our hair irons. Now you can officially allow yourself to forget about that. With this absolutely flawless heatless method, you will never need to know how to use a curling iron on short hair. There’s no need to call your hairdresser, just keep on reading and follow these steps. You will be impressed, we promise. Here comes literally the best heatless method for curling hair. Check it out:

Source: Milabu
The Best Heatless Curls

  1. Get yourself a pack of curlformers, they are the key element of this tutorial.
  2. Section off your hair.
  3. Then act according to the instructions of your curlformers. Put your hair through the little hook, just pull your hair through and take off the hook.
  4. Take the curlformers off and… enjoy!

As you can see, this way is really the easiest as the list of steps is too short. Isn’t that the method we all have been looking for? The best thing about it: you don’t have to wait the whole night to get bouncy curls. You can just give it a couple of hours and that’s all!

Now you know the best ways of how to get so much needed wavy curls! Don’t wait for a special occasion and give them a try right now. Being beautiful is something we are free to do for no reason!

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