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How To: Heatless Curls With A Braid Technique

Source: Milabu
How To Heatless Curls With A Braid Technique #howtocurlshorthair #shorthairstyles #hairstyles #curlyhair #tutorial

  1. Start with completely dry hair, going for the middle part.
  2. Take one section away so that its hairs won’t incorporate into the side you’re going to braid.
  3. Start doing a dutch braid, where the outer and top sections go under the middle. Make sure it goes towards the back of your head!
  4. When all of the side section is incorporated into a braid, repeat the same steps for the second one.
  5. Give these braids some time and enjoy your effortless curls! P.S. It’s better to unbraid them on the second day.

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