Is there a girl who wouldn’t have dreamed about a perfect hairdo when she steps out of her bed? The chances of finding such a persona are slim. However, the reality is much less pleasant and favorable than that. That is why many of you wonder how to get fluffy hair with the least of time and effort involved. No matter the skepticism, there are a few tips to add to your arsenal to reach the level of perfection that others will envy. Whether you like it or not – we will discuss those in the article below.


Fluffy Hair vs. Poofy Hair: Is There Any Difference?

Fluuffy Hair vs. Poofy Hair
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It is utterly simple to confuse fluffy hair with poofy hair. Often, the two types are referred to as interchangeable, but they are not. Fluffy hair is something in between messy hair and a popular blowout. While the locks look voluminous and stylish, the hair remains healthy, bouncy, and shiny.

At the same time, poofy hair adds a fair share of volume to the look but is frizzy and untamed in appearance. It is more natural and can be dictated by the type of hair along with the weather conditions.


How To Get The Fluffy Hair Look

Long Wavy Fluffy Hair
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If you wonder how to make your hair fluffy without ending up with a matted hair look, there are some practical tips that you can use in your everyday life.

Blow Dry Your Hair Correctly

Whether you are working on a short fluffy hair or you experiment with a longer mane, you should pay a lot of attention to the way you blow-dry it. Fluffy locks aren’t possible without proper volume. Thus, when you are about to start blow-drying your mane, use the upside-down principle instead of the usual technique.


Work with the Hot Rollers

Even when you have coarse hair, you can use hot rollers to amp your locks up. The fact is that working with those will eliminate all potential damage that other hot styling tools can bring into your life. At the same time, the volume you will get as a result will make you gaze in awe at your own reflection in the mirror.

Invest in A Volumizing Hair Care System

There is barely anyone who can dictate as to how often should you wash your hair. Yet, there are some hair care routines that will help you achieve the goal you pursue. The market is full of all types of volumizing shampoos and conditioners. It may take time to figure out the type that suits you best, yet, the efforts will be worth the time spent.


Experiment with Dry Shampoo

Those of you who know how to sleep with long hair surely know that all the fluff can be ruined with greasy hair. To avoid the unwanted outcome, all it takes is to have a bottle of dry shampoo at hand. The formula will take away all the unwanted oils and keep the volume intact.

How to Get Fluffy Hair: Useful Tips and Tricks
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Tease Your Mane

Among all the hair tips, those that are the simplest always work the best. You shouldn’t view teasing as one of the outdated methods. A bit of teasing will introduce the necessary volume into the look. There isn’t a better method to get a fluffy hair look.

Work with a Hair Diffuser

Those who have curly hair and want to add some fluff into the look should get good friends with a hair diffuser. Not only will it grant you the necessary volume, but also work gently on the hair. Besides, a speedy drying time comes as a pleasant bonus.


Work with Proper Hair-Styling Products

It matters how you work with your mane, but what matters most is what you are working with. If you use the wrong styling products in the process, you can ruin the whole look. There are many styling items designed for volume increase, and you should switch to those to end up with a perfect outcome.

Things to Consider if You Want to Get Fluffy Hair

Things to Consider if You Want to Get Fluffy Hair
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With all the tips mentioned above, you may assume a complete look is within your grasp. Yet, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind to avoid undesirable outcomes.


  • Regularly work with the conditioner

  • Schedule often trims

  • Apply hair masks

  • Cut off the dyeing times


  • Don’t wash your locks with hot water

  • Don’t heat style the mane often

  • Don’t wash the tresses on a daily basis

  • Don’t abuse the dry shampoo

There is nothing complex about how to get fluffy hair. All it takes is to stick with the regular styling routines, and you will look your absolute best 24/7!


Does conditioner make your hair fluffy?
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Does conditioner make your hair fluffy?

If you pick the right shampoo and conditioner, you can end up with fluffy hair.

How do Asians make their hair fluffy?

Proper hair care routines and adequate styling will help you make your Asian hair fluffy.