Keeping your locks healthy and clean is a challenging task, especially if you have what seems to be naturally greasy hair. You may have been seeking practical advice on how to make your hair less greasy for a while now. The good news is that there are effective tips to introduce into the hair care routine and make sure that the problem goes away. What is more, we are more than willing to share useful info with you!


The Underlying Causes For Greasy Hair

The Underlying Causes For Greasy Hair

Before you learn how to get rid of greasy hair, you need to be aware of what leads to the issue. The thing is that your scalp is meant to produce oil. Your locks benefit from the oil absorption. However, if the oil is too much, the tresses don't absorb it but leave it be. The matter in its core isn't harmful. Yet, the build-up that gathers in the process results in dull-looking and not neat mane.


Primary Mistakes That Lead To Greasy Hair

Primary Mistakes That Lead To Greasy Hair

The chances are that by this time, you think that you know how to wash your hair properly. However, if you deal with the problem of greasy hair, it may be a misleading assumption. Once you rule the following mistakes out, you can be sure that everything you do is suitable for your hair.

Insufficiency of shampooing – if it takes more than 3 days between the hair wash days, then you are not doing it right. All the debris accumulated tends to clog the follicles and result in a greasy mane.

As Julie Holbrook, a professional hairstylist with 16 years experience, says:

You can wash your hair once a week - just like I use to do. But when I do it I use shampoo 2-3 times - starting with a clarifying (or detoxing) shampoo, then using one with a moisture or protein shampoo.

Main tip: always get to your scalp and not just wash your hair! The opposite way to use conditioner - don't put it on your scalp, only mid-strand to ends!

Excess of shampooing – how often should you wash your hair? The question worth a million dollars. However, you may subconsciously understand that too often isn't good either. Thus, washing your hair every 2-3 days is the safest approach to the matter.

Improper conditioner application – whether you dream about how to get thicker hair or something else, you should always use the requested products correctly. With greasy hair, you need to apply the product to the ends and the middle avoiding the roots.

Increased water temperature – the hot shower is great for your body but no s much for the mane. The steaming shower will leave your scalp dry, and this will promote excess oil production. You know what comes next, don't you?

Unfitting styling products – no matter how great your shampoo for greasy hair is, should you be using heavy styling items, the result won't improve much. So, you should pay increased attention to the wax, cream or spray that you use daily. If you see that the product weighs the locks down – switch it.

Abusive straightening – using your hair straightener too often can make your tresses look greasier than usual.

Unclean styling tools – just as you do with your makeup brushes, the curling iron, brushes, combs, and other tools you use to fix your locks, need to be cleaned regularly.

Excessive brushing – surely you can't go without brushing your tresses at all. However, running a brush over every few minutes will add up to making your strands look greasy and dull.

Increased use of dry shampoo – the product is a great way to keep the locks fresh a few days after the wash. However, using it a few days in a row will lead to the opposite effect.

Can You Make The Mane Less Greasy?

Can You Make The Mane Less Greasy?

Now, when you know about the main mistakes to keep away from, it's time to share some practical advice with you. There are simple ways to ensure that your locks don't grease that easily after all.


Add Sulfate-Free Shampoo To the Routine

It's now enough to get the shampoo judging by the smell or design. You need to seek the option that suits your condition best. Sulfate-free shampoo has proved one of the best helpers in fighting the condition.

Get a Bottle of Dry Shampoo

We have figured that washing the hair too often is not an option. Thus, fixing the locks with the help of dry shampoo is your second-best option to keep greasy tresses at bay.


Make Friends with Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Aside from all the useful vitamins for hair, you can use some homemade remedies to battle the grease problem. A lukewarm apple cider vinegar rinse is helpful on day four. You don't yet wash the hair, but the rinse will assist in achieving a lustrous and relatively fresh result.

Decrease the Product Use

Even the best hair mask can turn out to be anything but useful if you apply it too often. The same rule applies to your favorite shampoo, conditioner, styling sprays and ever dry shampoo. Keep in mind – moderation is the key to a healthy and great-looking mane.

Get Familiar with Clarifying Shampoo

What do you know about clarifying shampoo? The primary purpose of the product is to cleanse the hair on a deeper level. It's unadvised to use it too often, but washing your locks with formula every once in a while, will ensure that all the follicles are unclogged, and all the build-up is eradicated.


Try Scalp Exfoliation

Try Scalp Exfoliation #greasyhair

The chances are that the word exfoliation isn't new to you. However, you may have a vague idea about how to exfoliate scalp correctly. Yet, there's little difference between a body scrub and a scalp one. The formulas are different, but the procedure remains the same.

Reduce Your Blow-Drying Time

As you already know, blow-drying dries out both the strands and the scalp. To deal with the aftermath of the process, the scalp begins to produce even more oil. So, if you cut on your blow-drying routine, you will help your hair remain clean longer.

Take Your Vitamins

Very often, it's easy to forget that your hair requires as much care and vitamins as your skin and fingernails. Thus, to keep the greasiness at bay, the experts advise you to take some Omega 3 and Vitamin B to improve the state of your tresses. However, consulting your doctor is never waste too.


Improve Your Diet

Getting slimmer isn't the only reason to stick to a healthy menu. If you want to reduce the greasiness of your locks, it's claimed that food rich in vitamins B and E should help. Also, zinc-packed products and good fats should be on your diet list too. To ease your task, we'll list the most common products that contain those:

  • Beans
  • Veggies
  • Nuts
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Oats
  • Eggs
  • Shellfish
  • Vegetable oil

Fashionable and Flawless Hairstyles for Greasy Hair

Did you know that hairstyles for greasy hair actually exist? And – no – these aren't the plain braids and low ponies. The list of impressive styles can go on forever, but we have gathered the best for you in here!

Long Hairstyles for Greasy Hair


Short & Medium Hairstyles for Greasy Hair

FAQ: Greasy Hair

FAQ: Greasy Hair

Why is my hair greasy after 1 day?

The reasons are many, but the practice proves that usually, our own habits are to blame. The thing is that washing your tresses too often or not often enough is the primary trigger for greasiness. Besides, heavy styling products add up to the condition. Cleaning your locks every 2-3 days is the best regime to stick up with.

How does my hair get greasy overnight?

The answer is quite apparent – pay attention to the pillowcase in use. The cotton ones absorb all the grime and residue from your scalp and hair, while silk pillows keep it all on the surface. Every time you go to sleep, you keep smearing the grime all over the freshly cleaned strands.

Is greasy hair healthy?

Absolutely. Oil production is a natural process, and it’s needed to keep the hair shinning and healthy. Yet, when the oil is excessively produced, the hair starts to look dirty and poorly tended for.

Is it okay to wash your hair every day if it’s oily?

You can wash your tresses daily but not more than once a day. Besides, you should opt for gentle shampoo and always treat the strands with a quality conditioner.

Are there benefits of greasy hair?

Since the oil produced by your scalp is a natural substance, it’s good for your hair. It keeps the main well-moisturized and healthy. The only downside is the dirty look. However, if you follow all the tips mentioned above, you will manage to control the condition.

Are you tired of that greasy hair look that you get daily, no matter how often you wash your locks? It's time to point out all the mistakes and improve the hair care routine to eliminate the problem once and for all!

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