Surprisingly enough, not everyone knows how to wash your hair in the right way. So, people keep making the same mistakes over and over again. This may not only result in a complete waste of hair products but also cause damage to your hair and scalp. To make sure you are getting the most out of hair washing, take care to explore our guide. Below, we have put together the most common mistakes people make and how not to let them happen.


Your Hair Is Not Wet Enough Before Shampooing

These days, we all try to streamline our beauty routine. However, you should make sure not to overdo it. Not all stages can be skipped without side effects and insufficient damping of your hair is no exception. So, when you try to apply shampoo to dry hair, it requires more effort on your part not only to lather it but also to wash it off. When you rinse your hair with water first, it makes excess oil loose and pores open. In this way, you get the most efficient cleaning.


The Amount Of Shampoo You Use Is Excessive And/Or It Is Applied Straight To Your Hair

Though, not moistening your locks before shampooing them is not the only reason why your shampoo runs to waste. We are all misled by commercials that you are supposed to pour the product from the bottle directly onto your hair so that it stacks. On the one hand, it leads to overuse of shampoo, as you do not need that much of it to clean your hair thoroughly. On the other hand, as it is concentrated in one place, you need to use extra to cover the whole head as well as the ends.

So, how much shampoo to use, and what is the best way to apply it? Squeeze a sparing amount of the product into your wet palms and rub them to lather it. Then spread the lather thoroughly all over your strands, starting from the crown and working your way down to the tips. As a rule of thumb, short hair requires as little as a nickel-size amount, a mid-length mane needs around a quarter size amount, whereas long locks call for half of a dollar size amount of shampoo.

Ignoring Your Scalp Or Scratching It With Nails

When washing your hair, you usually focus on the hair itself, forgetting that a healthy scalp is a key to healthy locks. Thus, take care to pay it some attention too. You want to massage the roots with your fingers for a couple of minutes to get rid of buildup and increase the blood flow. In this way, not only will your scalp be clean but also your hair will grow faster and thicker, which is especially beneficial for those with thin hair. Make sure though not to use your nails to massage the skin on your head, as in this way, you can scratch it and cause inflammation.


Refusing To Let Your Hair Conditioner Do Its Job

Now that you know how to properly wash your hair with shampoo, what about a conditioner? Are you sure you use it right? It is crucial to give your conditioner time to deliver all the nutrients and essential ingredients to your hair. What else is important is that you should not apply it to your roots.

Start at the middle of your length and distribute the product evenly toward the ends. To do it more effectively, you may want to employ a comb with wide teeth or by running a hand through hair. Then put a towel around your hair and allow the product to sit for around 5-7 mins. Do not leave it in for too long though, as it may be difficult to get rid of residue.

Neglecting To Rinse Your Hair Thoroughly

Unless you are following the CG method of hair washing, you need to remember to wash off both the shampoo and the conditioner of your hair. Otherwise, you will leave plenty of buildups, which will result in dandruff and itchiness in the long run. So, take your time when rinsing your hair after washing it.


Using Too Hot Water

No matter how much you enjoy taking a hot shower, rinsing your hair with hot water does no good to it. Because it does not allow cuticles on the hair to seal, your hair may become prone to falling out and breakage. So how to wash your hair without harming it? it is better to rinse as well as wash hair in cold water or at least lukewarm. As simple as that.

Picking The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type

Even though you do not keep shampoo in your locks for a long period of time, it does not mean that you can grab just any. Similar to how you choose skincare for the needs of your skin, you should pick out the right shampoo for your hair type.

That is to say, women with oily locks should go for a purifying formula, while those with dry locks will find moisturizing shampoos the most beneficial. Coarse thick hair requires hydration, whereas fine hair needs volume and body. If you happen to have damaged hair, then a recovery shampoo is your way to go. Bleach locks require clarifying shampoo to avoid brassy undertones. Finally, for straight hair, you want to use a shampoo that enhances its shine and for kinky hair, you need a product that allows you to accentuate curls while taming frizz.

Expert Advice On How To Wash Your Hair: Pro Shampooing Tips

Regardless of the number of times you apply shampoo to your hair during washing, there is a certain technique that allows you to get the most of it. So, here is the best way of how to wash your hair.

Begin to shampoo your hair around your nape first and work your way up toward the crown. Check if you have not missed the behind-the-ear area. When you apply the shampoo for the first time, massage it in vigorously using your finger pads. This ensures you get rid of oil and dirt. The second application of shampoo has a rather massaging purpose only. Thus, if you still cannot decide how many times should you shampoo your hair, you can keep it to two.

Now it is time to rinse the shampoo and apply a conditioner. So, to allow the shower to wash all the lather out, you can bend over, divide your hair with a middle part and help the flow remove shampoo with your hands.


How To Wash Your Hair: FAQ

1. Is it a good idea to wash your hair every day?

Not always. The answer to how often are you supposed to wash your hair depends greatly on the type of hair you have. Dry scalp will become even drier from frequent washes, so you should wash it no more than twice per week. On the contrary, the oily scalp will need to be washed more often, even every day, maybe. In other cases, how many times are you supposed to wash your hair a week is up to you. As soon as you feel like your hair needs refreshment, you can wash it.

2. Can I wash hair with just water?

There is a hair washing method called water only (WO). It implies that you cleanse your hair and scalp using lukewarm water only. The oil in your hair nourishes it and protects naturally.

3. What is the most natural way to wash the hair?

The best way to wash hair using natural formula only is to make your own shampoo with such ingredients as baking soda, egg yolk, coconut oil, aloe vera and follow up with apple cider vinegar or any other type of homemade hair rinse.

Hopefully, now you are well aware of how to wash your hair so that it brings ultimate benefit for you. As you can tell, there are not that many mistakes to avoid but doing so will help you to elevate your hair washing game greatly. And remember to always treat your locks with love and it will pay you off with a full head of luxurious healthy-looking hair.

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