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Clarifying Shampoo Is A Must For Healthy And Glossy Looks!

Despite the countless number of sensational shampoos that you get lost in, a clarifying shampoo is a product that is really worth attaching importance. The truth is, even if you think that your hair is not too dirty and that your regular shampoo and conditioner have always been gentle to your scalp, your follicles do need some rest, especially if you are fond of using lots of styling products.

Whether your hair life is full of styling experiments or your only hair manipulations are washing and conditioning, some detox is essential to keep up with oil balance and healthy condition of your locks. To help you with that, we have selected the most popular deep-cleansing shampoos and prepared some general tips on using them. Let’s stay healthy together!

What Is Clarifying Shampoo?

What is clarifying shampoo, after all? Most ladies tend to think that the shampoo they use every other day actually gives the needed cleansing effect. The first thing you should keep in mind is that regular shampoos are designed to cleanse your hair gently, focusing on moisturizing and featuring lower portion of cleaning agents. And the aim of clarifying shampoos is to clean your hair as thorough as possible while giving it fewer conditioning agents. In other words, it provides a deep cleansing effect, taking your hair to the natural level.

The Benefits Of Clarifying Shampoo

To get closer to what clarifying shampoos are, you need to get to know its benefits and compare them with the ones you achieve with your regular shampoo.

  • Removes any buildup. All those airy styling products, nutritive masks, deep conditioners, and your gentle shampoo do leave the stubborn buildup. Since such products contain silicones and waxes, they can lead your locks to get dull. Plus, hard water also causes your hair to weight down: and that is the job for the shampoo.
  • Detoxifies your hair. This type of shampoo can remove all the impurities from your hair and bring the shine and gloss back, getting rid of harsh chemicals and daily pollutants.
  • Volumes up fine, straight hair. The so much needed bounce and burst of volume will also return after a wash with such a shampoo, which is a win-win for weak and thin locks.
  • Keeps up with your natural pH balance. This product can also restore your natural pH balance, which, in its turn, prevents bacterial growth on your hair and scalp. For this effect, a homemade clarifying shampoo that provides vinegar rinse treatment is the best choice.
  • Prepares your hair for a color job. Weak and dirty strands can be not receptive to hair dyes. Once you get them super cleaned, your hair will be able to absorb the color fully.
  • Prevents hair loss. It removes buildup that is known to weight down your hair and cause its fall in consequence.

How Often You Can Use Clarifying Shampoo

First off, remember that a clarifying shampoo is not suitable for daily use because, if used too often, it wouldn’t leave enough beneficial oils which will lead to dryness. And the frequency of using it depends on the lifestyle of your hair. If you apply a lot of styling products every day, consider washing your hair with a deep-cleansing shampoo twice a week. Pool swimmers should wash their hair with the shampoo even more often. As for the average person, using a clarifying product twice a month is enough.

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