Lovely Top Knot Hairstyles to Try Right Now

The Trendiest And Easiest Top Knot Hairdos

You should definitely try a top knot hairstyle because it will take you little time but you will love the result. There are several major types of top knots: tidy, messy, and fancy. The choice depends on your mood rather than the occasion because top knots are extremely versatile. As for celebrities, they can be seen wearing all kinds of top knots on the red carpet. So, you can pick this hair updos for the gym as well as the night out.


Top knots, especially the tidy ones, can be worn even with short hairstyles. Such types of top knots are quite polished and structured. They are more suitable for a day at work or for a party. Just twist the knot in a bun tightly and you are ready to go.

Cute Messy Top Knot Hairstyles

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And as for messy and fancy top knots, they look stunning with hairstyles for long hair. When opting for a messy knot, the extent of messiness has no limits. It is so easy to nail this casual and carefree style. And fancy knots look sleek and glossy.


Stylish Double Top Knot

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So, how to create a super cool knot on top? After shampooing, blow dry the hair, and do it upside down. This simple trick will make your hair become more prone to staying upwards.


The Easiest Top Knot Hairdos

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And it is exactly what you need for this hairstyle. Cease blow drying before your hair becomes super dry, that is, let it stay a bit damp. Mist the hair with light holding spray that also enhances the texture.


Nice Top Knots with Braids

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Using a bristle brush, brush your hair up and tie it into a pony on top. Every time you brush your hair, spritz the brush with holding spray. It will help to keep your hair together. Hold the hair firmly before you secure it with a cute band.


Lovely Messy Top Knots

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Now, while holding the pony up, directed to the ceiling, twist the pony upon itself. Next, focus on the base of that twisted hair and wrap it around itself. Either grip or pin it to your head for fixing.

Top Knots For Long Hair

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The thing we love about top knots the most is that we don’t need to put all of our hair up to get a stunning updo. And the longer your hair is, the hotter your top knot will look like! You can wave or curl your hair and create a lovely knot on the crown as the main accessory. If you like the idea of double top knots, let’s make it even sweeter: beautify your hairdo with floral bobby pins.