Refreshing Peekaboo Hair Ideas: Spice Up Your Color & Keep It Healthy At Once

Peekaboo Hair Is the Needed Touch of Creativity to Your Hair Color

When your inner creative experimentator is fed up being a prisoner, peekaboo hair comes in. Sometimes we just can’t let ourselves go wild playing around with bright and funky hair colors as our workplace image or hair health is at stake. But, things are not as bad as they seem! Peekaboo coloring is your chance to freshen up your hair color with just a hint of a new color, yet without any bleaching required. It may come into your life as partial highlights or selectively painted strands. Variety? Endless. See how it works!

Hidden Midnight Purple

Instead of hiding your creative side, you’d better hide some pleasant purple shade under your brownie. Peekaboo blue hair is a thing! Source: whitneymachair via Instagram


Pearl Essence

Trends never come alone. And if you pair your stunning platinum blonde with soft aquamarine accents, you won’t go wrong with this blonde peekaboo hair idea. Source: jeffreyrobert_ via Instagram


Hidden Fuchsia Lights

Is there a better accessory than bright fuchsia hues embracing your blonde waves? On light manes, peekaboo pink hair reveals its charm at its best. Source: plush_hair_lounge via Instagram


Peekaboo Rainbow With Grey

Peekaboo rainbow hair only looks harmonic and refined when a soft, neutral color accompanies it. Well, the grey hair trend has just shown another advantage. Source: aliyousha via Instagram


Neon Peekaboo For Dark Brown

The best thing is, your peekaboo hair color can not only be whatever you want it to be; it can be wherever you want it to be. A hidden yellow neon twist under your brown story? Why not! Source: colortrak via Instagram

Beige Feat Rose

Here’s another pink peekaboo hair that hits a blonde base. This time, it’s an ashy beige, and it’s destined to hit everyone around, catching envy eyes. Source: jeffreyrobert_ via Instagram

Highlights, Lowlights, And Purple Peekaboos

Keen on accents? Make them big, then. Let some strands be highlighted, and some lowlighted. As for purple peekaboo hair, it can be the exclamation point. Source: hotrollerssalon via Instagram


Hidden Neon Peach Sunset

Here comes a glamorous idea of peekaboo hair blonde and brunette bases can bring to life. A neon peachy vibe that dances under the mane will nicely adapt to any natural shade. Source: hairby_brenna via Instagram

Teal & Black

There’s no way you will ever find a better combo than this black hair with peekaboo highlights. The truth is, black and teal just belong together. Source: sarahleah28 via Instagram

Blue Peekaboo For Brown Hair

This blue peekaboo hair doesn’t need to hide! Obviously, these bluish streaks were made to make a statement. Source: amybefabulous via Instagram
Bright Peekaboo Ideas As you might have understood from the previous pics, peekaboo hair color ideas aren’t always super dramatic and saturated. And if you wonder how bright they can be, welcome to the next portion of inspiration.


Noir & Neons

Can you imagine how many packs of peekaboo hair dye this molten rainbow requires? Of course, such an idea is a commitment compared to the ideas above. Yet, it’s worth it! Source: hair_princess_steph via Instagram

Yellow Peekaboo With Blues

While hidden peekaboo blue hair for brunettes is a commonly chosen option, this blue-to-yellow masterpiece takes this color to the next level. Source: hair_princess_steph via Instagram

Rainbow Under Neon Pink

Be careful! If you look at the rainbow hiding under the neon sunset for too long, you will spend all day trying to figure out how to do a peekaboo hair color like this. Needless to say, it’s a job for professionals. Source: kayla_boyer via Instagram


Pastel Prism Look

Colorful and pastel peekaboo hair highlights that look like holography on platinum base, who could ask for more? If you can’t decide what color to pair with your white base, use them all! Source: rebeccataylorhair via Instagram

Cool Toned Vivid Berry

If you want to mix two different colors to create your unique dark hair peekaboo highlights, try playing with contrasts. For example, the top can be vivid and saturated, while the lower portion can be deep and vibrant. Source: kayla_boyer via Instagram

Pastel Pink Peekaboo

Although pastel peekaboo ideas are less drastic, they still give a fresh take at your base. This pink-to-bluish idea is proof! Source: nealmhair via Instagram


Grey With Sky Blue

Have you ever seen that perfectly blended ombre with peekaboo accents? Grey and blue have turned out to be a stunning duo! Source: nealmhair via Instagram

Hidden Neon

Every look, whether it’s super eye-catching or moderate, needs a highlight that will define its character. Once you notice what makes the look dynamic and unique, you will find the highlight. Here, for example, the bold transition from bubblegum roots to pastel violet hue is already fancy. But, the extraordinary neon ends prove that there’s no limit to perfection, putting an exclamation point to the one of a kind look. Source: theniksters via Instagram

Pastel Pink And Blue

Despite the endless variety of pastel pink color jobs, it seems like it’s never been so dimensional. If you have a closer look at the details of this color combo, you will notice that the blue portion hiding under the enchanting pink isn’t seamlessly blended with the base. Still, in some areas, where the two meet one another, they form an organic whole. Yes, beauty is in the details. Source: theniksters via Instagram


Red With Yellow And Blue

Here comes the rainbow of the most unexpected shades! Some women think that they can’t mix all the colors they like because the result won’t come out balanced. Well, good colorists have the opposite opinion. With the right color technique, even the colors you wouldn’t mix will appear absolutely harmonic on your hair. Detailed balayage + hidden ombre as the icing on the cake will do the trick, though. Source: rebeccataylorhair via Instagram

Hidden Ocean Blue

Why don’t you play the hot and cold game with your hair in the blue mode? Deep and dark shades of blue can hit the ends, getting lighter and more transparent as they move to the back of the head. Some neon streaks under the subtle blue areas will create dimension to the whole look, enhancing the effect of transparency. Source: hairgod_zito via Instagram

Peekaboo Red Lava

Seems like we’ve just found the fourth thing people can watch forever. This peekaboo hair look simply beats all records possible, creating a total balance with a mess of different color temperatures. It’s freezing, it’s boiling, it’s vivacious: isn’t that the way every bright personality feels inside? Source: hairgod_zito via Instagram


Blue & Fuchsia

The best color combinations are born when you mix the colors as if it’s the last day on Earth and you’ve nothing to lose. Don’t limit yourself with too bright or too dark colors because of the possible damage. Instead, try to find options that will give you the desired results while bringing no harm. Color extensions, temporary dyes, and hair chalks are what can help you recreate this blue-to-fuchsia look without any regrets. Source: glamiris via Instagram

Babe Hair Extensions

Luckily for indecisive ladies, there’s such an option as hair extensions. So if you’re not sure that even the most effortless brown hair with blonde peekaboo highlights will suit you, you can get yourself a couple of fake streaks before calling your colorist. Source: babe_hair via Instagram
The variety of peekaboo ideas has no bounds, which means that every lady can add some creative twist to her hair. Now you know that you don’t need to go for all-over colors to express your individuality. Some little color streaks would be enough!