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Hidden Midnight Purple

Hidden Midnight Purple #peekaboohair #purplehair

Instead of hiding your creative side, you’d better hide some pleasant purple shade under your brownie. Peekaboo blue hair is a thing!
Source: whitneymachair via Instagram

Pearl Essence

Pearl Essence #peekaboohair #highlights

Trends never come alone. And if you pair your stunning platinum blonde with soft aquamarine accents, you won’t go wrong with this blonde peekaboo hair idea.
Source: jeffreyrobert_ via Instagram

Hidden Fuchsia Lights

Hidden Fuchsia Lights #peekaboohair #blondehair #pinkhair

Is there a better accessory than bright fuchsia hues embracing your blonde waves? On light manes, peekaboo pink hair reveals its charm at its best.
Source: plush_hair_lounge via Instagram

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