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Highlights, Lowlights, And Purple Peekaboos

Highlights, Lowlights, And Purple Peekaboos #peekaboohair #highlights

Keen on accents? Make them big, then. Let some strands be highlighted, and some lowlighted. As for purple peekaboo hair, it can be the exclamation point.
Source: hotrollerssalon via Instagram

Hidden Neon Peach Sunset

Hidden Neon Peach Sunset #peekaboohair #brunette #redhair

Here comes a glamorous idea of peekaboo hair blonde and brunette bases can bring to life. A neon peachy vibe that dances under the mane will nicely adapt to any natural shade.
Source: hairby_brenna via Instagram

Teal & Black

Teal & Black #peekaboohair #blackhair

There’s no way you will ever find a better combo than this black hair with peekaboo highlights. The truth is, black and teal just belong together.
Source: sarahleah28 via Instagram

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