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Bright Peekaboo Ideas
As you might have understood from the previous pics, peekaboo hair color ideas aren’t always super dramatic and saturated. And if you wonder how bright they can be, welcome to the next portion of inspiration.

Noir & Neons

Noir & Neons #peekaboohair #rainbowhair

Can you imagine how many packs of peekaboo hair dye this molten rainbow requires? Of course, such an idea is a commitment compared to the ideas above. Yet, it’s worth it!

Source: hair_princess_steph via Instagram

Yellow Peekaboo With Blues

Yellow Peekaboo With Blues #peekaboohair

While hidden peekaboo blue hair for brunettes is a commonly chosen option, this blue-to-yellow masterpiece takes this color to the next level.

Source: hair_princess_steph via Instagram

Rainbow Under Neon Pink

Rainbow Under Neon Pink #peekaboohair #rainbowhair

Be careful! If you look at the rainbow hiding under the neon sunset for too long, you will spend all day trying to figure out how to do a peekaboo hair color like this. Needless to say, it’s a job for professionals.

Source: kayla_boyer via Instagram

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