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Pompadour Haircut Ideas To Feel Like The Mistress Of The King

A pompadour haircut is the haircut that has an elevated top with various elements and can be done on the longer as well as shorter hair length. Back in the 1940-s, the pompadour became the real hit and was sported by all the celebs who followed hair trends. Is the cut experiencing a huge comeback today? We think so.

And there is no wonder why as this style is a classy option for a woman who wishes to pull away her tresses from her face but remain fun and edgy nonetheless. But is pulling it off easy? It will take some skill but it’s not super complicated.

Here is quite a simple way how to achieve this updated style. For instance, in case you are daring like Pink or Miley Cyrus, a textured option can work for you. Use mold and hair putty in order to shape this style. Or, go for a softer option that will work for the natural texture of your tresses. Janelle Monae sports this style and loves accessorizing it in a demure way.

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