Rose Gold Hair Color Is the Hottest Trend This Year

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas To Die For

A rose gold hair color, the star among hair color trends this year, is sweet as well as edgy. And this combination is quite rare, which makes this color even more desirable by women who keep up with trends. Considering this hair color, stylists agree that it looks flattering for almost all skin tones, which is a wonderful piece of news.

Some Useful Tips

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Maintaining rose gold hair These tips will help you keep rose gold pretty and vivid for a long time.
  • Pick sulfate free shampoo that is color-safe. Thus, you will protect the color from washing out for a longer time.
  • Don’t shampoo too often. Apply dry shampoo between washes.
  • Apply nourishing masks and coconut oil regularly for your tresses to stay shiny and healthy.
  • Don’t go for heat styling every time. But if that’s unavoidable, apply a heat protectant and blow dry in cool-down mode.
  • If your tresses underwent any bleaching, wear a special swimming cap when attending chlorinated pools.

Rose gold tresses and your image


  • In case you have been dreaming about wearing much lace, flowery prints, or flowy skirts, congrats! Now when your hair is rose gold, you can totally do that.
  • Clothes in warm shades are your safe bet. Your best choices are peaches, magentas, oranges, and pinks. Just stay away from loud red and the same shades as your tresses.
  • From now on, neutrals are your best friends.
  • Bright blues and sea greens can work for rose gold tresses as long as you stick to the patterns that are not very busy.
Rose Gold hair color can be applied to both long and short hair lengths. This charming color will make you the queen among the other girls. Wavy rose gold hair looks very elegant and attractive: its owner will never go unnoticed!


Rose Gold Hair Ombre

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Although it’s easier to achieve rose gold ombre hair on lighter manes, the way it blends with brunette bases is worth the bleaching commitment!


Rose Gold Hair Balayage

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Rose gold balayage can come into your life in many different ways. It can be a variety of matching rose shades with a rose gold base or a more natural idea with just some rose gold hues. All in all, you can make your hair your own unique palette!


Rose Gold Highlights

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Another trendy but more laborious option is rose gold highlights. Rose gold hair color has many faces, and highlights are probably the most creative and versatile one. In fact, it’s a great canvas to your imagination. For example, you can put just a layer of accents over your base just like in this rose brown hair idea or turn your mane into a peachy base and embellish it with various matching lights.


Peach Rose Gold Hair For Blondes

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The peach color is the most delicate shade of rose gold. Are you a sensual girl? And do you want to diversify your look? Then you certainly will find something to your liking among our ideas. Needless to say, such a color job is meant for those who already have a lighter base. Otherwise, you will go through the seven circles of commitment.

Rose Gold Hair For Brunettes

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You don’t need to be a professional colorist to agree that these fabulous rose gold brown hair ideas are a real innovation in hair art. Here you can see a stunning compilation of various ombre, balayage, and highlights options that can nicely adapt to brunette manes. The best thing is, your rose gold shade can be anything you want it to be, which means you can always make it work for your complexion.

Rose Gold Color For Long Hair

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For long hair, you can choose any shade of rose gold. If you like experiments, you can also choose any coloring technique, such as balayage, ombre or highlights. Moreover, we will help you to make the decision with our cool ideas for you to look stunning. Rose gold balayage hair color is ideal for those women who love mixing things up and trying something new from time to time. The mix of these amazing shades creates a chic finish which is to die for. Rose gold color is nothing but a magnet to people’s eyes. Having become a huge trend not only in women’s fashion, this color is taking over the world with its gentle and rich combo of rose and gold shades. And our post is here to tell you one simple truth. Remember: you won’t go wrong with it, be it rose gold short hair with highlights or a long mane with a subtle rose finish.