By: | Updated: 05/09/2019

Some Useful Tips

Maintaining rose gold

These tips will help you keep rose gold pretty and vivid for a long time.

– Pick sulfate free shampoo that is color-safe. Thus, you will protect the color from washing out for a longer time.

– Don’t shampoo too often. Apply dry shampoo between washes.

– Apply nourishing masks and coconut oil regularly for your tresses to stay shiny and healthy.

– Don’t go for heat styling every time. But if that’s unavoidable, apply heat protectant and blow dry in cool-down mode.

– If your tresses underwent any bleaching, wear a special swimming cap when attending chlorinated pools.

Rose gold tresses and your image

– In case you have been dreaming about wearing much lace, flowery prints, or flowy skirts, congrats! Now when your hair is rose gold, you can totally do that.

– Clothes in warm shades are your safe bet. Your best choices are
peaches, magentas, oranges, and pinks. Just stay away from loud red and the same shades as your tresses.

– From now on, neutrals are your best friends.

– Bright blues and sea greens can work for rose gold tresses as long as you stick to the patterns that are not very busy.

Main photo by Okaspen