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Pixies For Oval Face Shape

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Pixies For Oval Face Shape #shorthair #faceshapehairstyles
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Here comes the leader among all the hairstyles for oval faces – the good old pixie cut. Even though you need to say goodbye to your long hair to get this haircut, you won’t regret this decision. Why? We will tell you how beneficial the pixie cut is, but you should see it with your own eyes, just look at these pictures. These girls know how to rock their life with short hair. Now, look a bit more carefully, can you tell that their face shapes let them down in these photos? Obviously, you can’t. They look flawless because they know how to hide their flaws. The best thing is that you can do the same: a pixie with long front locks can make your round face shape appear longer, framing it in a flawless way. If you feel insecure about your oval face, you can draw attention from the face shape with a textured or side-swept pixie and set the focus on your eyes. Sounds unbelievable, right? Give these ideas a try to believe in this magic.

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