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Asymmetrical Haircuts

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Asymmetrical Haircuts #shorthair #faceshapehairstyles

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Nothing can be more helpful than asymmetry when we deal with oval faces. But don’t worry if you are a girl who doesn’t know what to do with your heart face shape, asymmetrical haircuts can be in handy for you, too. They’re supposed to set people’s attention horizontally, totally drawing attention from your face shape. Asymmetry in hair is quite unusual compared to what people usually see, so their eyes will be focused on your hair, which is the best thing about such cuts. And the variety is huge: you can get yourself a messy bob with undercut, edgy asymmetrical bob, or a short haircut with asymmetrical bangs. If you don’t know what to choose, these pictures will be there for you! They are your personal sources of inspiration.

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