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Multi-Textured Perm + Medium Shag

Multi-Textured Perm + Medium Shag #spiralperm #curlyhair

Love being different? It’s time to show off the variety of texture, then! You can mix different rods to create a contrast of thickness that will work awesome for your shaggy bob.
Source: jhair_stylist via Instagram

Tousled Perm Curls

Tousled Perm Curls #spiralperm #curlyhair #bob

What modern girl doesn’t like the popular messy silhouettes? No wonder that women adore it: it fits all occasions. Getting a spiral perm for your big-day look is a win-win, and this pic is the proof.
Source: castillo_13 via Instagram

Spiral Perm + Classic Medium Bob

Spiral Perm Classic Medium Bob #spiralperm #bob #curlyhair

Want to stay loyal to your mid-length bob, but you feel the need for changes? A play of texture can sort things out: just look what your simple bob can turn into once you opt for the spiral perm. It’s fancy, stylish, and simply unforgettable.
Source: sdjneuro via Instagram

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