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Layered Spiral Perm With Soft Fringe

Layered Spiral Perm With Soft Fringe #spiralperm #curlyhair #longhair #bangs

Believe it or not, to build this pleasant, rounded body you’ll need to go for layers. They will not only give your curls some movement but also provide your chevelure with natural volume. To finish the look, let some little curls fall on your brows.
Source: sarahangius via Instagram

Spiral Perm For Natural Hair

Spiral Perm For Natural Hair #spiralperm #curlyhair #bob #naturalhair

Ladies with natural hair can try the spiral perm too! It’s a wonderful idea to whip your unruly curls into a steady, volumetric shape that will emphasize the beauty of your hair.
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Side-Swept Spiral Perm Style

Side-swept Spiral Perm Style #spiralperm #curlyhair #mediumhair

Creating a side part is another good way to make the retro-like perm look contemporary. Who would’ve thought that a bit of asymmetry is enough to look trendy?
Source: rose_bertram via Instagram

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