By: | Updated: 02/04/2019

9. Pump Up the Volume

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

Full Voluminous Long Hairstyles

Full, voluminous hair is making a huge comeback dominating the runways in both America and Europe. However, instead of the teased volume of the 80’s, full flowing curls and backcombing are all the rage in 2019. You can easily add volume to even fine hair with the right cut and hair products. So, feel free to pump it up this year!

10. Textured and Tousled

Source: Anhcotran via Instagram

Textured and Tousled Hair Styles

Boring cookie cutter looks are so yesterday, as 2019 is the year to embrace your individuality. Texturized styles are really in the trend from soft textured waves to funky, spiked styles. Add a pop of color to express your personality and rock those textured tresses!

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