Hair updos for bridesmaids look so festive and sophisticated. They are definitely appropriate for the great atmosphere of a wedding day. And there are so many variants of them - silky, messy, braided, with a bun, etc., so every girl can choose the best one for her.


Updo Hairstyles For Elegant Bridesmaids

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Updo hairstyles for long hair tend to look very romantic, especially if they are a bit loose. And if you pick some lovely accessories for your updo, it will look really fabulous. Hairpins with flowers or rhinestones will do.


Beautiful Updo For Long Hair

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Updos for bridesmaids are not necessarily intricate, there are many easy updos for long hair to choose from. And the reason to opt for an easier hairstyle is that it requires less styling product, which might be quite advantageous if the ceremony takes place on a hot sunny day.

Hairstyles To Look Gorgeous

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To create an easy and sassy updo, divide your hair into front and back parts. Beginning at the central back section, divide it in two halves in a 2-inch parting. Next, pin it at the back side of your head.


Stunning Updos For Bridesmaids

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Now take two more sections and criss cross them. Pin them at the back side of your head, too. Continue on to the section in the front and part your hair. With the fringe falling, pin up the extra hair for a disconnecting effect.

Messy Updos For Cute Bridesmaids

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While styling, do not forget to use special styling products that always come in handy and ease any task. For this hairstyle, it is advisable to apply foaming pomade. Any hairdresser will tell you the same.


Lovely Bridesmaid Hairstyles With Bun

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This styling product will enhance the softness of your hair. When it comes to formal updos, glitz, glamour, and romance are always in. You can experiment with textures and intricate elements, but these qualities should be peculiar to your formal updo.

Updo Hairstyles For Inspiration

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Also, when an updo is formal, it is appropriate to add an accessory. Sometimes accessories go out though, but they always come back. For example, embellish your hairstyle with sparkling hair jewels, glitter headbands, or a filigree barrette.

Braided Bridesmaids Hair

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Braided wedding hairstyles can be very diverse. They give the volume to thin hair, texture to thick hair, with their help you can hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the facial features.


Blonde Wedding Hair

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The updo wedding hairstyles especially well look or appear on blond hair as every detail is visible. Do not forget to release a few strands near the face and you will be a very charming bride!

Elegant Hair Styles For Brides And Bridesmaids

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Wedding Hairstyles For Balayage Hair

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FAQ: Updo Hairstyles

How should my bridesmaids wear their hair?

Bridesmaids should wear their hair up if the wedding is planned to be held outside. Even half-up hairstyles can be dangerous, because all it takes is a gust of wind to spoil a potentially flawless photograph. If you absolutely want your bridesmaids’ hair down, go ahead and plan for it.

Do bridesmaids wear anything in their hair?

Bridesmaids’ hair can be worn up or down. However, this doesn’t mean they all have to be identical. Straight, large wavy curls, or to the side are all options for hair down styles.