Whether you have a straight, medium-thick, curly, or kinky texture, you’re just one question away from getting the hair of your dreams, and the question is ‘what is a Brazilian blowout?’.


Of all the hair treatments available in salons today, Brazilian hair blowouts seem to be the most desirable option of modern women. Well, who can resist a shine-reflecting look of perfectly sleek and manageable hair that’s free of frizz and full of gloss?

So What Is a Brazilian Blowout & What Should I Know Before Getting It?

However, before booking the appointment and committing your hair to the new treatment, you should know exactly what the treatment is. And here, you can get that question answered in detail.

Now, let us introduce all the truth about the Brazilian blowouts, walking you through the process, look variety, and maintenance.

What Are Brazilian Blowouts?

The Brazilian blowout is a unique keratin-based treatment formula that covers the hair with a protective liquid layer around the hair whole hair shaft, sealing and smoothening the cuticle of each strand and eliminating frizz. Once the formula bonds to your locks, it will give you the fantastic mirror-like shine, intense hydration, and heat protection. Needless to say, you’ll also get the long-awaited manageability if you’re dealing with thick and unruly locks every morning.

The original name of the treatment, however, is widely used for other treatments in salons worldwide, so it’s crucial to check whether the salon you’re headed to works with the right ingredients and specializes in providing this exact service. Originated in Brazil, the smoothing treatment includes such ingredients as açai berry, camu camu that are known for their nourishing and strengthening properties. When you find a salon, ask them about the formula and the products they’re using.

What Are Brazilian Blowouts?


Brazilian Blowout VS Other Keratin Treatments

You may come across many women comparing (if not confusing) the Brazilian blowout vs keratin treatments popular today. Even though the results of the two may look similar, there’s a significant difference in the formula itself: it’s mild, which allows you to tailor the process to your unique hair texture.

At the same time, Brazilian blowouts require a gentler post-treatment. And last but not least, this treatment gives you freedom. After getting keratin, for example, you can’t style or wash your hair for about three days. And when it comes to Brazilian blowouts, things are getting way more effortless. The scenario is pretty simple: the stylist applies the formula, rinses it out, and you get back to normal life with amazing hair.

Brazilian Blowout VS Other Keratin Treatments

Q: Can I curl my hair after Brazilian Blowout?

A: Since this treatment allows for styling and protects your hair from thermal damage, technically, you can curl your hair if there’s a point to this. Before getting the treatment, ask yourself a couple of questions. What is a Brazilian blowout for you: Is it a way to straighten the hair or to make it look and feel healthier? If you don’t want to change the pattern, you can simply ask your stylist to keep up with the curl so as not to curl it yourself.

Brazilian Blowout: Products & Process

Now, let’s break down the process of the popular treatment in very detail. In fact, it’s more than just a technique of technology; it’s a combination of high-quality Brazilian blowout products and a thorough customizable approach to the application, as well as the instruction for further care.

So what are the steps of a Brazilian Blowout? Here’s what a skilled hair technician will do and use in order to give you the best results possible.

Brazilian Blowout: Products & Process


  • Professional Brazilian blowout shampoo aka cleanser
  • Smoothing solution
  • Deep-conditioning Açai mask
  • Açai thermal protective straightening balm or smoothing serum


  • Brazilian blowout dryer
  • Professional round boar bristle brush
  • Brazilian blowout flat iron
  • Carbon fiber fine-tooth comb
  • Protective eyewear
  • Nitrile Gloves
What Is a Brazilian Blowout: Facts, Hacks & FAQ

The process:

  1. Your stylist will begin by cleansing your hair with a professional product designed specifically for this treatment.
  2. Then, the stylist will towel dry your hair so that it's slightly damp.
  3. Next, they will divide your hair into 4 sections.
  4. After that, the stylist will measure the smoothing solution and dispense the product based on your hair length.
  5. The next step is the application: they will start dusting the solution on very small sections, working from the roots to the ends.
  6. Then, your stylist will blow-dry the hair with the help of a round brush to achieve the sleekest look possible.
  7. After blow-drying, they will use a special flat-ironing technique that involves a strategic switch of temperatures on small sections of hair.
  8. Next, they will rinse off the solution.
  9. In order to complete the treatment, they will apply a professional hair mask.
  10. Finally, the stylist will guide you through the right hair care for your specific hair type and look, suggesting the best products to maintain the look till the next appointment.


Brazilian Blowout: Before and After

Honestly, the Brazilian blowout before and after pictures that pop up on Instagram and Pinterest feeds are what makes it so tempting to try! But apart from the amazingly shiny and sultry sleek appearance, how else will the treatment enhance your hair look? We’ve made a shortlist of the benefits that this treatment will bring to your hair life.

Brazilian Blowout: Before and After
  • Your hair will have tons of volume and bounce, whether it’s straight or wavy blowouts.
  • The treatment will wash away dullness and brittleness, giving your hair a whole lotta shine.
  • Your hair will become as manageable and soft as never before.
  • The frizz won’t bother your locks because the Brazilian blowout formula is super hydrating.
  • You will also be able to wear your hair straight and wavy or curly.
  • If your hair is wavy, the blowout will make it shinier and sleeker while preserving the wave.
  • In case you don’t want to lose your curl pattern, the treatment will simply enhance your curl, making it shiny and frizz-free.

FAQ About Brazilian Blowouts

You may come up with countless questions when discovering the magic of the game-changing treatment. For that very reason, we’ve created the FAQ section where you can get the most popular questions answered and have a clearer picture of Brazilian blowouts.

FAQ About Brazilian Blowouts

Is the Brazilian blowout safe?

At some point, there were debates about whether getting the treatment is safe or not, which you can see in some Brazilian blowout reviews. However, modern hairstylists claim that this kind of treatment is absolutely safe for all hair types. The buzz around the questionable safety was made due to the formaldehyde contained in the formula. Actually, the amount is too small to cause any damage to your hair or affect overall health.

Is the treatment permanent?

Similarly to a keratin treatment, Brazilian blowouts are a semi-permanent treatment.

How long do Brazilian blowouts last?

Basically, this treatment lasts for about 3 months. Still, it may vary depending on your hair texture and the way you take aftercare.

Will I still be able to curl my hair?

In terms of styling, Brazilian blowouts give a lot of room for experiments, so if you’d like to wave or curl your hair, you are free to do that.

Can you get a Brazilian blowout if you have colored hair?

Brazilian blowouts have no color restrictions. As a matter of fact, this treatment can even enhance your color, adding more life and vibrance to it.

Сan you color your hair the same day you get Brazilian blowout?

You can plan a treatment and color appointment on the same day, but make sure to get your hair colored prior to going for the blowouts. In case you decide to color your hair after you got the treatment, you should wait for 2 weeks.

Can I do a Brazilian blowout myself?

Technically, it’s pretty possible to get a Brazilian blowout at home. All in all, you can purchase all the products and tools that the in-salon liquid keratin treatment requires, and simply follow the instructions. Of course, they belong to the professional segment, meaning they’re not cheap. The only difference between doing it yourself and going to a salon is that you can get a guarantee of good results: apart from practice and experience, stylists know all the Brazilian blowout dos and don’ts. But if you’re a DIY-er at heart, you can do that.

How much do Brazilian blowouts cost?

The Brazilian blowout cost may vary from salon to salon but, but the average price is $400.


Hacks for Making Your Blowout Last Longer

When considering this kind of hair treatment, you won’t go for a commitment. Nevertheless, you will need to reconsider your hair care routine, as the right aftercare is the key to making your sleek look stay longer.

What should I do after getting the Brazilian blowout treatment? How can I make my Brazilian blowout last longer? Here are the tips that will give you all the answers.

Hacks for Making Your Blowout Last Longer

#1. Shampoo right, shampoo twice.

Though this part of our daily routine may be too simple to consider, it actually plays a crucial role in the future look of your hair. Sometimes we tend to ignore the importance of the proper shampooing, and this is where you can cut down on the lifespan of your Brazilian treatment. Hairstylists suggest paying close attention to the way their clients apply the shampoo: you should massage the product into the scalp until it’s lathered well. Another important thing that many tend to underestimate is washing the hair twice. The first wash eliminates buildup and grease, while the second wash actually washes the hair.

#2. Use dry shampoo.

When you notice greasy roots, don’t rush in the shower. Instead, use dry shampoo to prolong the look, distributing it through the roots with a boar bristle brush. The fewer washes, the better, whether you have a treatment or not.


#3. Protect your hair in the shower.

The best way to make the treatment serve you longer is to keep it away from water as much as possible. It’s OK to wash your hair when it’s the right time for that. As for regular showers, it’s better to use a hair towel to protect your hair.

#4. Use rollers to maintain volume.

You can also keep up with the volume in your hair by sleeping with rollers. Section off your hair and place the hair rollers just where you need that extra bounce. If you want to preserve the volume in straight hair, keeping it in a topknot overnight will do the trick.

#5. Step away from oils and serums.

Not only will oils outweigh your airy and bouncy hair but they will also give you a greasy look! Therefore, you should go easy with them or even exclude them from your routine.


#6. Look but don’t touch!

The more you touch your hair, the sooner your hair will get oily. While there’s no better way to refresh and amp up your blowouts than to run your fingers through them, don’t do that too often.

What is a Brazilian blowout? Stepping out of the dull theory, we’d like to conclude that it’s nothing but the best way to breathe a whole new life into your locks safely. Eternal gloss, softness, and manageability for all hair types are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss this treatment and give it a shot to see and feel the difference. When you feel the lack of body and moisture in your hair, there’s a hair service that can take it to the next level. Bottom line: are Brazilian blowouts worth it? Yes, undoubtedly!

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