What Is My Face Shape And Hairstyles For It

What Is My Face Shape And Different Haircuts For It

What is my face shape? is the key thing you should consider while picking your perfect hairstyle. Hair is what we love and value, so it is our responsibility to make the right choice before doing anything new to it. That is why we believe you should understand what the shape of your beautiful face is. It will be much easier for you to see what will flatter you or not and as a result, your choice will be gorgeous-looking anyway. Isn`t that what you want? Then read through our descriptions of all hairstyles for face shapes, look in the mirror, find yours and pick a hairstyle that will look good on you.

A Beautiful Looking Long Face

If you want to understand if you have a long face, then follow the instructions that we believe will help you. Look in the mirror and check, whether your face is longer rather than wider. Cheekbones, forehead have to be of the same width while your jawline is of a rounder shape. Is that what you see? Source: hairerik via Instagram


Gorgeous Square Face Shape

Do you have a squared jaw? Are your cheekbones, forehead and jaw of the same width? Then you have a square face shape. Some square faces can also have the same length as width, while others are more of a rectangular shape. Source: sofiajamora via Instagram


Good-Looking Oblong Face Shape

Don`t mistake this oblong face shape with a long oval one! Of course, it is longer rather than wide, but the thing that differs is the length of a chin and forehead as they are usually long. People with oblong faces usually don`t have big cheeks and their features are of the same width. Source: hairerik via Instagram


How To Measure Your Face Shape

What is my face shape? You may wonder how you can determine and find your face shape accurately and we have a method for you. Take the ruler or a tape measure and measure across your forehead, the width of your cheekbones and your jawline. Then you will clearly see with the help of numbers what description of a face shape coincides with your gorgeous face. Source: mane_ivy via Instagram


Parts Of Your Face That Make Finding The Face Shape Easier

As you have already realized, there are some parts of your face that will help you understand the face shape you have. Your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are the key features that make it easier for you to understand what shape you have. Source: lo_wheelerdavis via Instagram

Measuring Forehead, Cheekbones And Jawline

Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline will be the good measuring features that will help you find the answer to the question “What is my face shape?” Measure their width and length and the process of finding the right one will be much easier. Source: denizprocksch via Instagram

Wide Forehead And Cheeks Make A Square Face Shape

If your forehead and cheeks are of the same width, then you probably have a square face shape. A beautiful one that has a wide jawline, as well. Source: brianacisneros via Instagram


Forehead Is The Widest Part of A Triangular Face Shape

Is your forehead the widest part of the face? Then a triangle face shape is yours. A wide forehead narrows down to a small pointy chin. The hairline is usually of a rounder or straighter shape, so don`t mistake this face shape with a heart one. Source: alphqiu via Instagram

Measure The Length Of Your Face

Measuring the length of your face will for sure help you understand whether you have a long face shape or not. So, bring your measure tape or a ruler and look. If the width is less than the length of your face shape is long! Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Amazing Oval Shaped Face

“What is my face shape?”- You may wonder. The most common face shape among all is the oval one. The oval shaped face has no pointy features, which means the face has no sharp edges. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face while the jawline and forehead have a round shape. Source: mane_ivy via Instagram


Super Stylish Long Bob

It is not a secret that a wide jawline is what makes the shape of the face square. It may look too harsh on the face, so our biggest task while picking a haircut is to find the one that will soften this feature of the face. A gorgeous looking bob is the one that will do the work perfectly! An excellent choice that will make your face look softer. Also, a great choice for people with a long or round face. Source: chelseahaircutters via Instagram

Short Side Swept Bangs

Short side swept bangs are what we call beauty for a square, oval, long and round face shape. Super stylish this season, bangs are what every girl should try. They soften the harsh features. Try combining with a long bob or wavy hair of a medium length, and you will get so many compliments for your simple but amazing look! Source: brittsully via Instagram

Long Side Swept Bangs

Perfect for an oval, square, long and round face shape, these super long side swept bangs are what will look so good on you. Complimenting your eyes and making your face look softer. That is what we think is a great choice for women who are not afraid to experiment! Source: mr_colorist_2017 via Instagram


Softly Layered Hair

Do you like simple romantic hairstyles that make you look innocent and flirty? Do you want to have a solution to the problem “what is my face shape?” Then this softly layered haircut is for you. Girls with square and round faces should try it as it will compliment their face shape the best way possible. Source: brittsully via Instagram

A Long Layered Bob For A Round And Long Face Shape

Yes, this is perfect for you, girls with round and long faces! A long bob with layered hair will look perfect on you and will make your face look more interesting. The texture is guaranteed and a medium length is perfect for any look you prefer. Source: chelseahaircutters via Instagram

A Medium Length Structured Bob

A bob is what looks super stylish on any girl. Whether you have a long, round or square face, this medium length bob is what you should definitely consider trying, if you are bored of everything common. It will soften your facial features, making you look angelic. You can also add waves to this hairstyle to make it look even more romantic and natural. Source: ryabchik.moscow via Instagram


Gorgeous Medium Length Softly Layered Hair

Do you prefer your hair longer than shoulder length? Did you get the right answer to the question “what is my face shape?” Then this is just for you. Girls with square, round and oval faces should definitely think of trying this hairstyle. Layered, it will add great structure and volume, making your facial features look super soft and flirty. If you add big waves, your look will be even cuter. Source: emmachenartistry via Instagram

Long Hair For Your Face Shape

Long hair is a true classic that will never go out of style. Don`t you agree? It looks super sassy, especially on women with square and round face shapes. Add waves or layers to it and voila, you look perfect! Source: brittsully via Instagram

Long Pixie For Oval Face

We all know that oval face is considered to be perfect face shape. But even though all the features are usually balanced nicely, a face can appear too slim sometimes. Such a stunning long pixie will widen the silhouette of your head, finishing the balanced look. Source: ryabchik.moscow via Instagram


Chin Length Bob For Diamond Shaped Face

One of the most stylish ways to flatter your diamond face shape is to get a chin length bob. This length is a perfect decision for your narrow forehead and wider cheekbones, as it draws attention from the prominent features of your face, making it look more attractive. Source: emmachenartistry via Instagram

Straight Lob For Square Face

There’s something that round and square faces have in common: with a wrong hairstyle, they look just huge. As for your square face, you need a bit rounder silhouette, which will sort things out. Just look at this sophisticated straight lob and square face duo! Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

Layered Thin Bang For Heart Shaped Face

Heart shaped faces need some face framing-haircuts! Layers will add some body and movement, while waved front locks will make your wide cheekbones look not too obvious. To beautify your wide forehead, ask your hairstylist for a lively thin bang. Source: romeufelipe via Instagram


Medium Wavy Hairstyle For Wide Chin

Your wide chin and jawline won’t ever bother you once you wave your hair! The shorter it is, the fuller your waves are, so you can see that medium hair length is the key. To get the most out of your face shape, pay attention to the front locks: they actually do the framing. Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Long Wavy Layers For Round Face

Wavy layered hairstyles can easily draw attention from your round face, bringing the focus to your eyes and brows. They add fullness where it’s needed, without outweighing the silhouette. If you want your round face to look as sexy as possible, avoid flat and sleek hairstyles. Source: brittsully via Instagram