Blonde Hair Shades


Blonde Hair Trends to Consider

There are so many women who have blonde hair, and men often find them attractive. It happens because people tend to relate this color to something that is careless, light, tender, airy, and feminine. Every man considers a woman who is light-haired to be a nymph who came from a fairy-tale. Haircuts for blonde hair represent a woman’s attractiveness and grace. In 2017, there is a wide variety of chic blonde color trends. Every woman can find a shade of blonde that will be the most flattering and compliment her face features and skin tone. Honey blonde, platinum blonde, dark blonde, and strawberry blonde are still all the rage this season. And disregarding your original hair color, you can always add blonde highlights – this dying technique is quite popular now. And of course, one of our favorites, blonde ombre is definitely gorgeous.

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