It`s a true fact that a blonde hair blue eyes girl is considered to be super gorgeous. Of course, as such a combination has become a true classic all over the world. A contrast that makes blue eyes shine as bright as possible makes blonde look perfect. Forget all those stereotypes about blonde girls as nowadays women can easily fight back.


Blonde hair looks stylish and great for any occasion, so don`t doubt about trying it at least once. Super beautiful, it will look good on you if you find the right undertone and color.

Blonde hair colors can vary so much that you can`t even imagine how many shades there are. Look through our suggestions and find your perfect match. After that, we promise you will look like a queen anywhere you go.

A Gorgeous-Looking Combo Of Blonde And Blue Eyes

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You can see it by yourself how magnifying the combination of beautiful blonde hair blue eyes looks. It makes people forget their names as the contrast makes blue eyes even more colorful and bright than they are already. It is a well-known fact that long hair is so charming. Mix all these 3 factors, and you will turn into a bomb-looking blonde hair blue eyed girl that amazes everyone around.


A Beautiful Combination Of Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes

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If you have blonde hair blue eyes and you are dreaming about having a beautiful blonde shade, then we are happy to help you with this task. First of all, let`s figure out your blonde color. Don`t think you only have one option. Look deeper and you will find that there is so much choice for you. Choose the one that will look good against your complexion and, of course, with your gorgeous blue eyes, and voila, you will look bomb.

Gorgeous Blue Eyes Girl

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People would call a blonde hair blue eyes girl an angel who fell from heaven. We totally agree! Innocent and pure, blue eyes make women appear beautiful, tender and fierce at the same time. Have you ever noticed how people can`t think of what to say when they look deep into your eyes? Of course, that`s what we are talking about. Imagine how defined the color of your blue eyes looks in combination with blonde hair.


Interesting Ash Blonde Hair Color

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Those who follow the latest trends know about the popularity of ash blonde. With a hint of grey, it creates something so unique and beautiful that it blows everyone’s minds. Consider trying this one if you have a paler skin tone. It will look so great against your skin and will bring out the beauty of your blue eyes even more.

Amazing Platinum Blonde Hair

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Do you prefer the color of blonde that doesn`t look like any other? Then this one is for you. Super creative, it is for those who are not afraid to experiment with hair colors. Try it and notice how bright your eyes appear with such a shade of blonde hair. With a hint of white, it brings out the best in your appearance, defining your beautiful eyes.


Rare Human Genetics

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It is true that people rarely get so lucky to have naturally blonde hair and blue eyes. Don`t you agree? However, we all enjoy such a combination so much. So why don`t we make our appearance the way we want? Bleach your hair blonde and love the achieved look. Super trendy and stylish, that will be the look of your dreams.

Beautiful People With Blue Eyes

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Being a blonde hair blue eyes girl, do you know that blue eyes are the windows to the soul? That`s the saying we hear really often when referring to gorgeous people with blue eyes. Beautiful, they work as magnets for every person whom you meet on your way. Blonde hair blue eyed girls should feel really lucky as this effect doubles when it comes to them.

Blonde Hair Color Depends On You

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There`s no doubt that when it comes to choosing any hair color, you should think of what will suit you personally. Consider your eyes color, skin tone, and hair structure. If you have gorgeous blue eyes, then we definitely recommend that you try blonde. However, don`t rush! Find the right shade that will go well with your skin tone and wouldn`t make you appear orange or too pale. Our best advice for you would be to take your time while choosing the right shade of blonde hair you want to try.


Skin Tone Is The Key

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As you have already understood, defining your skin tone before bleaching is the key to your best look. Evaluate your complexion and choose the right shade. For paler people, we would recommend trying paler shades like ash or platinum blonde. For those who have a warmer undertone, blonde with warmer tones are of choice. However, think twice as you don`t want the effect to be too much. Be careful, as picking too pale or too warm tones may be a bad idea.

Sweet Strawberry Blonde Hair

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A great decision for those who have something in between a pale and warm skin tone. It will work for both a blonde hair blue eyed girl and a girl who has any other appearance. Super natural-looking, its warm strawberry blonde tone will define your best features, in our opinion.

A Great Variety Of Blonde Hair Colors

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If you have no idea what to choose, then don`t panic. There are so many ideas and shades that it is really easy to get confused. Look again and consider some of them. Choose the ones that you like the most and imagine them on yourself. If you think that`s too much of responsibility, then go and ask your hairdresser for help. We are sure he or she will be happy to help you out.


Vampy Dark Blonde Hair

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A dark blonde hair blue eyes girl is so sexy! Super different from all the choices you may find, this hair color will for sure create special aura around you. Defining your best features of the face, it will look so well on girls with any skin tone, if you choose the right ones. Try it and you will see that it is so difficult to resist this blonde hair hue! You can make your roots darker, getting a light gradient effect to the lighter colored length.

An Angelic Light Blonde Hair Color

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We all associate blonde with such a light tone, don`t you agree? Super great, it will make your hair appear more structured and smooth. Your beautiful blue eyes will appear even lighter and purer than they are already. Try this hair color and, we promise, a look of tenderness and beauty is guaranteed!

Trendy Peach Blonde Hair

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It is so popular right now to bleach your hair and spice it up with a peach hue. Don`t you agree that it looks stunning? Colorful but not too much at the same time. If you like this hair color idea, then consider trying this peach blonde hair. Super trendy and stylish, it will help you look cute and not too daring. Isn`t it a dream?


Blonde High Ponytail

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Don`t think that you will only have to wear your hair down if you bleach it. It is so complimenting for a blonde hair blue eyes girl to open her face. Their eyes appear bigger and brighter. That is why we suggest trying a high ponytail that looks so great in blonde and brings out the best features of your face. Super comfortable and good-looking at the same time. Isn`t it a goal?

A Stylish Blonde Pixie Haircut

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What can be more beautiful on blonde hair blue eyed girl than a pixie haircut? It looks super stylish and beautiful. Your gorgeous eyes will look so lovely against the blonde hair shade.

Natural Highlighted Long Bob

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If you are a blonde hair blue eyes girl and you don`t want such radical changes, then we suggest trying a long bob with highlighted strands. A natural effect will make you look as innocent as possible, defining your blue eyes and making them appear brighter at the same time. If you are looking for a natural effect, then this style will become your piece of cake.


All-Time Classic Blonde Long Hair

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If you are a blonde hair blue eyes girl, you are so lucky. Don`t you agree that long blonde hair has become such a classic in the hair industry that it doesn`t even need to be introduced? Super stylish, it will work great for you because you will be able to try out different hairstyles and just letting your hair down will make you look so charming and beautiful.

Voluminous Layered Ice Blonde Bob

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Although you may have a gorgeous blonde shade since birth, women’s nature always makes us try something new every now and then. Luckily for you, you don’t need to step out of your tone to let some changes into your life. There’s no need to tell you how popular icy blonde hues have become: you can see them everywhere from Instagram to the catwalk. Not only will this shade nicely accentuate fair to medium complexions but it will also form a stunning duo with darker blonde roots. Plus, leaving the roots as they are will make the color experiment more dimensional and healthy.

Long Hairstyle With Ash Blonde Highlights

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No matter how blonde you are already, there’s always a place for more blonde vibes! To tell you the truth, highlights are meant not just to enliven the hair color but also to make it richer and more dynamic. In this way, you can enhance your natural shade with the help of some matching blonde hues. Needless to say, you will love the way such a combination of blonde colors brings up your fantastic blue eyes.


FAQ: Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Girl

Is blonde hair and blue eyes the beauty standard?

Some nations do not consider blue eyes and blonde hair conventional. When it comes to beauty standards, there are many different ones all around the world, so, the answer is no. The vast majority of the world’s population simply lacks the necessary genetic makeup and exposure to match this standard.

What color do blondes with blue eyes look best in?

A neutral palette consisting of rosy pink, copper, light brown or peach will beautifully highlight your sky-blue eyes and blonde hair. In order not to look too bright and vulgar, use brown eyeliner and mascara. Warm brown tones beautifully bring up your golden blonde hair and blue eyes.