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Super Long A-Line Hair

Source: yunuskarat via Instagram

Super Long A-Line Hair #lob #longhair #alinebob #straighthair #oilsleekhair

Now we will explore this super long A-line hair style. This style is perfect for those who are looking to change their hairstyle while still hold on to as much length as possible. There are some tips and tricks on how to style A-line bob haircuts, and while this one may look good with some occasional curls, this look is more geared toward the sleek straight hair. The slightly off-center side part makes this look even classier.

Stylish Layered A-Line Bob with Slight Graduation

Source: via Instagram

Stylish Layered A-Line Bob with Slight Graduation #bobhaircut #invertedbob #blondeombre #platinumblonde

Next, we have this layered A line bob with slight graduation. This cut carries a great deal of length. The layers add a substantial degree of volume, giving the style dimension. This style is also considered an A-line haircut for long hair, allowing it also to be styled in various ways. The length can be pulled back into a ponytail for an easy up and out of the way style.

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