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A-Line Lob with Trendy Balayage

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A-Line Lob with Trendy Balayage #bobhaircut #invertedbob #blondehair

Our next gorgeous hairstyle is the lob with trendy balayage. The blending of two colors, also known as balayage, has become very popular among hairstyles in recent times. This A-line bob is no exception to the rule, with the brown roots blending beautifully to a blonde fringe at the tips. This bob style falls into the length category of a medium A line bob. The purpose of balayage is to have a sun-bleached look that blends naturally.

Sleek Long Brunette Bob with Purple Highlights

Source: headrushdesigns via Instagram

Sleek Long Brunette Bob with Purple Highlights #invertedbob #longbob #bobhaircut #purplehair

There is a natural color present to balance out this long inverted bob. Contrary to what some may believe, purple highlights are actually very versatile. Especially when placed on brunette hair, these highlights tend to blend well in natural light but they really pop when they are exposed to artificial light, as well as in pictures. This is a layered long bob that has a deep side part that really allows the volume of this hairstyle to stand out.

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