By: | Updated: 04/22/2019

Bald Fade Is The New Trend To Follow

Truth be told the world of men’s’ haircuts is not less versatile than the one of women’s. The only issue is that not all the guys are aware that they have lots of options to experiment with and that makes them opt for the same old cut over and over again. That has to stop right now! The thing is that once you learn about something called bald fade – your life will change for the better. So, bald fade – what is it?

The fact is that bald and skin fade are the same things, they mean that instead of being cut at same length the length of your hair is decreasing as the stylist moves down. Even though it may seem pretty simple and boring in reality, it truly isn’t. Fade haircut grants you a vast field of options to experiment, and we will have a closer look at them a little bit later.

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