Boy haircuts are far from basic. There are many different options for you to choose for the little man in your life. From trendy to timeless, finding a cut that suits his individual hair type and features can certainly increase his confidence and his (sometimes) not so impeccable grooming habits.


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If you have a little boy who is ready to change his hairstyle, one of the best things you can do is take a look at a variety of cuts to get some inspiration. While many little guys aren’t that into their hair or image when they’re young, they are bound to appreciate something new and unique that helps them stand out in the pack.

Best Boy Haircuts Ideas

Take a look at the following popular styles for little boys before you sweep him off to his stylist or local barber.


Pomp Fade Haircut For Boys

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A pomp cut. Truly a simple cut that can be worn messy or groomed, you really can’t go wrong when you leave a little length for him to play with on top. This style suits pretty much every one except for curly hair types. If your curly guy wants a pomp, he’s going to have to keep some length and rely on a gel to control curl and frizz.

Short Undercuts

Short undercuts are a trending option for little boys. Not only does this style allow a little length to play with, the short sides make it appear maintained and well-groomed. This look is ideal for many different hair types and works with all types of styling products from pastes to waxes. The secret is finding his natural part so that the top lays properly with the underside.


Short Spiky Boy Haircuts

Some guys just love their spikes. There’s something about pulling hair upwards and in every direction that thrills them. For spikes to be workable they shouldn’t be much longer than a couple inches. Since short hair pushes long hair, pairing the top with short sides will help him reach new heights while styling.

Short Quiff Boy Haircuts

Does your little boy want to be polished? A dapper style for a little man is a quiff. This modern take on a classic James Dean look is classically cool and will always look fantastic in church or in school pictures. This is not a bed head style whatsoever, so before you allow him to go this route, make sure he understands the extra time required in his morning routine.


Short Brushed Up Boy Haircuts

A classic fade and a brushed up ‘do is just enough to make a huge difference to an overgrown cut. Not only is this a popular look, it’s a good transition style from little boy to younger man. He will appreciate the trendiness and fun he can achieve from styling it several different ways.

Short Mohawk Boy Haircuts

There’s just something about mohawks and little guys love them. Embrace his wild side if only once and let him rock this iconic style at least once. A fauxhawk is a less extreme version of a mohawk and doesn’t require as much product to style.

Hard Part

If your little guy likes handling a comb he is bound to love a hard part haircut. This look is ideal for special occasions and never fails to make him look his best. Help him put his gentleman foot forward and encourage him to try something a little more sophisticated. If you don’t want an extreme hard part, simply ask your stylist to keep the line sharp and narrow.


Extra Short Trim With Punk-Styled Top

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If you're looking for an edgy and playful haircut for your little boy, then the Extra Short Trimmed sides With Punk-Styled Top hair is a fantastic option. The sides are trimmed close to the scalp for a clean and neat look, while the top hair is styled into a punk-inspired look that is sure to turn heads. This style creates a striking contrast between the short sides and the longer top, making it perfect for kids who want to showcase their unique personalities. Best of all, it's easy to maintain and a fun way to express your child's individuality.

Cool Swept-Back Fade For Thick Hair

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The fade haircut for thick hair with cool swept-back short bangs is a trendy and low-maintenance style for boys. This cut gradually tapers the hair length from the sides to the back, leaving the top longer for a swept-back look with short bangs. Ideal for thick hair, it reduces weight and volume. Styling can be done with hair gel or wax to create texture and hold. It's a versatile haircut that is easy to maintain, making it perfect for busy parents and stylish boys of all ages.

Layered Pixie Boys Haircuts

Pixie haircuts are extremely popular these days, but mostly we hear about it when it comes to ladies. However, pixies suit boys no worse, if not better. Just look at this stylish, spiky pixie with an undercut. Now, let's be honest: are you falling in love with it as we do? And since this haircut allows for various creative customizations like shaved designs, they won't leave your kid indifferent.


Classy Medium Haircuts For Boys

Bowl haircuts look particularly cute on kids. The first and foremost reason for that is that they accentuate that very cuteness of a child’s face. Can’t take the eyes off it, can you? Regardless of the hair type, keeping your kid's hair at a medium length will make him comfy with his locks. Whether it's a bowl, mid afro or even spiky top, this length is indeed a must.

Medium Side Parted Cuts

How about adding a modern flair to a regular haircut? All in all, we all need to freshen things up from time to time. And a side part for a classic medium cut is the needed hint of change. Also, some barbers even say that sweeping the top to the side is enough to turn a boy into a man.

Medium Haircuts With Bangs

An upgraded undercut looks super cute on these young men. The key role is granted to the stunning version of the undercut, of course. But let’s not leave out the shaved sides and side bangs. Not only do bangs add individuality to kid's looks but they also look pretty stylish. And, it is perfect to stay in trend during the summer heat, after all!


Layered Medium Haircuts For Boys

An undercut hairstyle is exactly what your boy needs during the summer. Moreover, undercuts looks great with longer and curly hair. Can you imagine anything cooler? ‘Cause we can’t! In case you don't want your kid to have trouble wearing his long thick hair, you ask the hairdresser for layers. Besides cutting off the extra weight from his hair, layers will also give some awesome texture.

Swept Back Hairstyles

Is there a boy who wouldn’t like feeling comfortable with his hair and cool with his hairstyle? Shave the sides and then brush the top toward the back, and your little guy will look like his favorite football players.

Curly Long Top And Shaved Sides

Curly hair is known as the most unmanageable hair type in the world. And the best thing you can do for your curly kid is to give him a classy and practical cut at the same time! These ideas will not only add some fun to his look but they will also keep those stubborn curls away from his face. Additionally, you can finish the look with shaved sides. A pleasant contrast, who could ask for more?


Medium Brushed Up Cuts

Basically, brushed up hairstyles require long hair on top and short hair on the sides. Once you show your son how awesome he will look with his hair styled upward, and tell that he’s going to get the popular “short sides long top haircut”, he will never skip salon appointments!

Medium Comb Over Cuts

What makes comb over boy haircuts special is that they can suit any hair type and face shape, as well as fit strict school standards. Despite being a classic side-parted haircut, the comb over allows for various customizations so that you and your little gentlemen can create a totally unique look for his school days.

Perfect Long Boys Haircuts

Long layered cuts suit perfectly teenage boys, especially those who do not mind their hair to be a little longer. Just look at this awesome wavy shag, for example. If there is anything more carefree looking, then we know nothing about it. Apart from the striking looks, layers can also give a sense of lightness to kids with thick and curly manes. Your kid's hair won't look messy in this way, no matter how long the locks will grow up. In fact, layers are the best way to keep up with balance in hair.


Long Haircuts With Bangs

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Generally, haircuts with bangs look best on boys who have long faces. Besides, compared to the spiky haircuts, the ones with bangs do not require that much styling effort which make them even more appealing. On the other hand, bangs can fall right on the eyes if not cut properly. For that reason, ask for a soft blend between a fringe and the rest of the hair. In this way, your kid will have a unique style without any discomfort.

Long Mohawk Styles For Boys

Mohawk haircuts are as trendy these days as they were during the ’80s. In fact, it does not matter if you wear it longer or shorter, you rock anyway. First, tousle up your mane. Then, grab a pair of sunglasses. Finally, go win the heart of the neighbor girl! Some punky spikes will also be a good idea. Obviously, your little man won't wear it for school. Well, this cut will be another reason to wait for the holidays!

Side Parted Long Cuts

If you think that wearing long hair for a boy is inappropriate for school and uncomfortable for him, then look at these ideas. Not only do these side-parted haircuts keep the perfect balance between a long top and graduated sides but they also look decent and well-groomed. It's also a good compromise for kids who love long hair but should wear it short for school. In other words, it's an awesome pick!


Fade Cut For Thick Hair With Shaved-Side Patterns

The Fade cut with Shaved-Side Patterns featuring two parallel lines is a bold and edgy style for boys. It includes a gradual fade on the sides of the head with a shaved design on one or both sides, consisting of two parallel lines. This haircut is perfect for boys who want to showcase their unique personality and make a statement. Styling with hair products like wax or pomade can add texture and hold. The shaved pattern requires upkeep to maintain its sharp look. It's a daring and eye-catching style that is sure to impress.

Cute Sharp Fade Ideas For Boys

This faded haircut with hard-parted hair is a stylish and classic cut for boys. It involves a gradual fade on the sides and back, leaving the top longer for styling. A hard part is then added to create a sharp, clean line for a mature and sophisticated look. This style is perfect for all hair types and can be styled with hair gel or wax to add texture and hold. It's a versatile and timeless choice that will never go out of fashion.

How To Cut Boys: Step-by-Step Tutorials & Tips

For those interested in cutting boys' hair at home, our guide also includes step-by-step tutorials and valuable tips to help you achieve salon-quality results. We understand that the thought of cutting hair at home can be daunting, but with our expert guidance and techniques, you'll have the confidence to create stylish and practical haircuts for your little ones. So whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, our guide has everything you need to know to achieve the perfect cut at home.


How To Cut Boy's Hair Using Electric Clippers

When a barbershop session is not accessible for some reason and your buddy’s hair seems to have grown out too long, you can try to cut his hair yourself. Of course, if you’re not equipped with electrical clippers or a pair of hair cutting shears, it’s better to abandon the idea. And if you’re really want to take your chances and go for it with a serious approach, we’ve got amazingly simple but useful tutorials to refresh boy haircuts. First off, let’s see how you can do it with clippers.

Step 1. Put A Towel And Choose The Clipper Number

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Just like at a hairdresser’s, you need to place a towel around your boy’s neck and shoulders so that the clipped hairs won’t stay on his clothes. Then, you should choose a clipper setting depending on the length of the sides. It’s better to cut less first than to leave a bald spot, so be careful with it. Usually, the lower the number, the more hair it shaves. To be more exact, the number indicates the length the clippers will leave after you trim the hair.

Step 2. Decide Where You Want To Cut

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Before you turn the clippers on, you should define where you want to take off some length or density. If your boy sports a classic undercut, you would probably want to go half an inch shorter both on the sides and the top. Comb your boy’s hair to separate the top from the sides so you know where you need to change the attachment. You can also mark the place with a washable marker.

Step 3. Start From The Bottom

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Once you adjust the clipper number, begin to work your way from the very bottom, clipping your boy’s hair in an upward motion. As you reach the top, make sure to curve the clippers up and out, holding them at a 90-degree angle: it will help you avoid rough transitions, blending everything nicely and smoothly.

Step 4. Finish The Whole Head

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Now that you’ve worked on the sides, back, and nape, even it out with the top. Cut it to the desired level and then take an attachment meant for blending, and smooth it out so that the cut is balanced.

How To Cut Boy's Hair With Scissors

Many women may happen to have a pair of sheers, as, you know, it’s a pretty common thought to save on those only-ends appointments. Well, when you decide to cut your boy’s hair, this is where they will come in handy, too.

Step 1. Cut The Hair Straight Across

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When you decide how much of the hair you want to cut away, take a top section of hair, hold it between your fingers, and cut it parallel to them, cutting the hair straight across. This will be the cutting guide that you should follow while cutting the hair on the top portion.

Step 2. Pull Back The Section Of Hair Right Behind The Front

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Go on following the guide cut, including some of the hair from it so you always have a guide for the next cut. In this way, you will create an even cut, working your way all the way to the back of the head. If you need to cut the sides, you should work in the same manner. Start at the front with a guide and move toward the back.

Step 3. Cut Around The Ears

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Ask your boy to cover up his ears (or fold an ear with one hand), and cut around them as though you’re tracing them.

Step 4. Check If The Cut Is Even With A Comb

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Comb a small section at the front and compare it to the rest of the hair, as well as how it transits to the side.

Step 5. Cut Off Extra Hair

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If you see stray hairs sticking out from the whole head, cut them off just as you did before.

Step 6. Even Out The Cut Following the Guide

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Hold the scissors at a slight angle and slide through the sections to blend them, not to cut off more hair.

Tips On How To DIY Boy Haircuts

Cutting someone’s hair can be pretty tough for a newbie, as you take a huge responsibility for the whole look of a person. Well, when it’s your son, you probably don’t want to fail, do you? Here’s a bunch of tips that will help you avoid mistakes and give your boy a decent haircut.

  • Don’t work with cheap scissors of clippers to achieve the best results: even if you do everything right technically, the tool may mess it up.
  • If you’re not sure that length to cut to, start cutting the hair longer, gradually going shorter until you get the desired look.
  • Most hairstylists pair scissors with clippers for boys haircuts, so you won’t go wrong having both tools at hand.


FAQ: Boy Haircuts

What hairstyles are in for 2023 for boys?

2023 is the year of comfort and versatility. Depending upon your boy’s lifestyle and activity level, you can pick from short textured cuts and crops or fringed styles, or you can go all-in with long hairstyles featuring buns and top knots.

How old should a boy be to get a haircut?

There is no specific timeline to stick up with when it comes to the first salon visit. Some boys are born with naturally thick and long curls, so the first cut may take as soon as the little one turns 6 months. In other cases, you may wait until the child turns 2 to schedule the first trim.

Does cutting a baby’s hair make it grow faster?

That is a misleading assumption that is circling around the globe. However, the trims have nothing to do with the fact of how fast or how thick the hair grows. Instead, the hair follicles, which are hidden beneath the surface, are responsible for the speed along with the length.

When it comes to choosing haircuts for boys, there are a few things to consider. Apart from being stylish and practical, the haircut you choose should appeal to your kid. For that reason, it's crucial to add some fun texture, as well as ask him what kind of cuts and styles he likes. Now that you've seen the most popular haircuts that modern kids and parents choose today, you know how to make your boy feel special. From now on, hair appointments are no longer nightmares!

  • If you have the right tools, cutting a boy s hair can be easy and certainly less expensive than going to the salon every month. Source