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Go For A Chignon Hairstyle To Appear Sophisticated

A chignon bun hairstyle is always a winning option, unlike other hair updos that will require much time and skills. The perfect updo is all about your overall image, hair type, preferences, and the extent of maintenance. So, it will be different for every woman, but not with chignon hairstyles as they are versatile.


There is one more thing you need to know about bun updos: they compliment most face shapes and hair types. So, practically any woman can pull off such a sophisticated hairdo.

Messy bun hairstyles will work for nights out and dates, while sleek, polished buns will be ideal for special occasions and formal evenings. So, you can adjust this hairstyle whichever way you like. Let’s see the most popular ways of sporting a bun. Read on for more info and endless inspo.

Classic Chignon

Source: hairandmakeupbysteph via Instagram

Classic Chignon picture1

Classic Chignon picture2
Classic Chignon picture3

What makes these buns especially beautiful? They are polished, classic, and truly elegant. Even if the hairstyle appears a bit simple, it still remains absolutely jaw-dropping.


Sexy Side Bangs for Special Occasion

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Sexy Side Bangs for Special Occasion picture1

Sexy Side Bangs for Special Occasion picture2
Sexy Side Bangs for Special Occasion picture3

Well, what can we say? These looks with side bangs are among our favorites. Effortless side bangs along with the more voluminous hairstyle appear really sophisticated.

Accessorized Chignon

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Accessorized Chignon picture1

Accessorized Chignon picture2
Accessorized Chignon picture3

If you wish to personalize your image, adding accessories will do the job. Hair accessories are quite common for hairstyles that involve a chic chignon. Why not try it?


Messy Chignon Bun

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Messy Chignon Bun Red #bun #chignonbun #updo

Messy Chignon Bun picture2
Messy Chignon Bun picture3

In case your aim is to add some casual flair to your special hairstyle, make it appear a bit messy. Loose buns will work great for the weekend or a night out on the town.

Braided Updo

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Braided Updo picture1

Braided Updo picture2
Braided Updo picture3

A braided bun updo will require more effort to achieve, but it is totally worth it. Look how fabulous these hairstyles look. Pick one of these looks for any occasion and all eyes will be on you.
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Braided Updo Crown #braids #updo #bun

Braided Updo Dutch Braids #braids #updo #bun
French Braided Updo #braids #updo #bun

The great news is that you can wear a chignon bun in many ways and adjust it to your image whenever you need to. Sometimes you can sport a traditional chignon bun.


Easy Chignon Bun

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Easy Chignon Bun picture1

Easy Chignon Bun picture2
Easy Chignon Bun #bun #chignonbun

If you are hunting for a cute and easy to do chignon bun, you are in a right place. This bun hairstyle is perfect for any hair length and easy to create with curly hair or even with second-day hair.

Chignon Bun With Flowers

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Chignon Bun With Flowers picture1

Chignon Bun With Flowers Crown Braid #bun #chignonbun #updo
Chignon Bun Twist With Flowers #bun #chignonbun #updo

Wearing such an elegant bun is a simple way to look polished and to showcase your earrings and necklace. For a special occasion, you can add some flowers to look it more adorable.

Chignon Buns With Pearls

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Chignon Buns With Pearls Dutch Braid #bun #chignonbun

Chignon Buns With Pearls Blonde #bun #chignonbun
Chignon Buns Long Bangs With Pearls #bun #chignonbun #updo

When you want your big-day hairstyle look sophisticated and refined, it can’t do without a neat, sleek silhouette. To add more individuality to the minimalistic style, finish it with some feminine accessories.

Chignon Bun With Twists

Source: oksana_sergeeva_stilist via Instagram, lenabogucharskaya via Instagram, tonyastylist via Instagram

Accessorized Chignon Bun With Twists #chignonbun #hairstyles #bunhairstyles

Chignon Bun With Twists #bun #chignonbun
Accessorized Low Chignon Bun With Twists #chignonbun #hairstyles #bunhairstyles

Your hair is your natural accessory, so why don’t you show it off elegantly? You can get the most out of your texture by making it more precise: add more twists, lifted details, and don’t forget to pull the crown!

High Bun Hairstyles

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High Bun Hairstyles Free Locks #updo #bun

High Bun Hairstyles #messyhair #updo #bun
High Bun Hairstyles Wavy #updo #bun #wavyhair

Short hairstyles for women are very simple and classy. If you are wearing the same hairdo over years, it may become boring at some point. Our ideas of short hairstyles will help you to bring a little change in your life.


Low Bun Hairstyles

Source: Kirstyfleming via Instagram, tonyastylist via Instagram, Hair and Makeup by Steph

Low Bun Hairstyles Messy #updo #bun

Low Bun Hairstyles Free Locks #bun #chignonbun #updo
Low Bun Hairstyles Bang #updo #bun

Short haircuts are believed to make women look less feminine. But this assumption is so wrong. They attract attention to your face, for example, a bob haircut makes your neck more distinctive, which is one of the sexiest body parts.

Twisted Bun Styles

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Twisted Bun Styles Side Accessories #bun #chignonbun #updo

Twisted Bun Styles Brown #bun #chignonbun
Twisted Bun Styles Blonde #bun #chignonbun

Especially when the occasion is formal. But sometimes you need to sport something edgier and cooler. Let’s discuss how you can make a chignon bun scream ‘punk rock.’

Elegant Bun For A Special Event

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Elegant Bun For A Special Event Balayage #bun #chignonbun

Elegant Bun For A Special Event Brown #bun #chignonbun #updo
Elegant Bun For A Special Event Brown #bun #chignonbun

First of all, comb you hair. Next, your task is to add texture and grip to your hair. You can achieve that with the following hair products: pomade, texture spray, paste, or dry shampoo.

Donut Bun

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Donut Bun High #bun #chignonbun

Donut Bun Highlights #bun #chignonbun
Donut Bun Blonde #bun #chignonbun #updo

Even though donut bun hairstyles may seem to be too complicated, they’re actually not. The secret of mastering the styles lies in clean, smooth, and perfectly combed hair. Once you feel your hair has no traces of tangles, just twist it on the very top of your head, securing the ‘do with bobby pins. Also, don’t forget to pull the edges; it will create the donut shape.

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