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Mermaid In Shades Of Purple

Source: lastfeastofthewolves via Instagram

Mermaid In Shades Of Purple #longhair #wavyhair #purplehair #ombre

If you research purple hair ideas for long hair, you may come across articles that reference mermaid hair. It’s a relatively new style. It mostly uses numerous pastel colors, like pinks and blues, which are more like sea colors, and blends them all together. Typically, the hair is long, but stylists and individuals have achieved the look on shorter lengths, as well.

A purple mermaid, like the one in the photo, blends a few shades of purple onto a waterfall-like pattern. The look blends the rich, dark shade of magenta, which is an ideal choice for those with warm undertones, with orchid, an ideal choice for those with cool undertones. The look is just right for her medium skin, long hair, and curls.

Dark Violet Burgundy

Dark Violet Burgundy #purplehair #redhair #balayage

A glass of striking appearance won’t ever hurt, whether you are at a party or on a walk with a friend. Since your hair is your natural accessory, you are the only one who knows how to make it suit your personality. So why don’t let an exquisite, seductive shade show who you really are? To add more character to the everyone’s favorite burgundy shade, spice it up with a purple tint. Trust us, there’s no way you will regret looking different, especially if an all-over dark violet shade is the highlight of your look.

Source: glamiris via Instagram

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