How to choose Halloween hairstyles for long hair so that you definitely look different from everyone else? First things first – you should dedicate at least some time to the research and pay attention to the details. Rest assured details do matter. And if you think that no one will notice, we are here to argue with you. What is more, we are even ready to help you. And we hope you enjoy the looks gathered here.


Easy Cinderella Updo For Halloween

Source: Kayley Melissa

No wonder that you’d like to walk in Cinderella’s shoes this Halloween: this cartoon meant the world to us, little girls. And now, here’s an easy way to look like your favorite Disney princess.

  1. First of all, make sure that you’ve got a hair donut and a puffy hair tube.
  2. If you don’t have bangs, consider wearing a bang-wig.
  3. Then, brush your hair back into a low ponytail and create a twist pit of it. Keep in mind that the twist should move towards the ceiling.
  4. Once the twist reaches the front, hold it with one hand and secure it with the other, using some bobby pins.
  5. Now, take the donut and place it right over the twist to add more volume.
  6. Brush the rest of your hair, take the tube, pin the ends to it, and wrap it towards the donut.
  7. To create a round shape, bend the ends of the tube backward, pinning it in place and hiding it outside.
  8. Finish the look with a blue headband and say hi to your prince!


Cat Ears Hairstyle Tutorial

Source: Bebexo

Ideas that feature cat ears seem to be the most popular and ageless Halloween hairstyles for long hair. See how easily you can create it!

  1. For the ears, pick up some hair at the back of your head and backcomb it.
  2. Bring this strands behind your head to create the ear shape and bobby pin it at the back.
  3. Repeat the same steps for the second ear and make sure that everything is neat on the back.

Bambi With Double Knots

Source: leighannsays

Instead of showing up with a look stolen from a Disney princess, you can go a more unique and cuter way to impress people this Halloween. Remember the most touching cartoon called Bambi? With this tutorial, you will not only look unbearably sweet but also make everyone super nostalgic.

  1. Starting with any type of parting you prefer, separate off a little section at the front.
  2. Then, create a loop with this section, following the ponytail principle but without going all the way through.
  3. Repeat the same step with the hair on the other side.
  4. Pull the ears so that they look floppy.
  5. For a more interesting, fuller look, create some waves with the rest on your hair, tousling them with your fingers or a brush.
  6. Coat the look with some hairspray.


Queen Victoria's Updo

Source: Kayley Melissa

This Halloween is the perfect time to let the queen inside you over your look. The noble and gorgeous hairstyles from everyone’s favorite series will undoubtedly complement regal characters, so make sure to recreate it.

  1. Start off by creating a middle part.
  2. Then, separate off the front portion, parting it from the center to the middle of your ear on either side of the head.
  3. Secure the rest of the hair by doing a ponytail.
  4. Create regular braids with the sections, securing the edges with bobby pins and pulling them gently once they’re done.
  5. After that, split the ponytail in half and braid the top half of it.
  6. Secure the braid, pull it a little, and then wrap it into a bun.
  7. With the rest of the ponytail, create another braid and wrap it around the base of the first bun.
  8. Pull back the front braids so that each one forms an arch under your ear and follows the line of the hairdo up to the bun.
  9. To make sure that the style will hold well, put a hairnet around the bun.

Floral Diva

Source: Jasmine Brown

Although natural hair is hard to tame, this hair textures can be a stunning base for lots of creative Halloween hairstyles! And this new take on the good-old Frida-inspired look is something that all natural-haired women shouldn’t pass by. Coupled with bright summer makeup, there’s no way you won’t steal the show this night.

  1. First off, prep your hair with a conditioning gel to make it manageable for styling.
  2. Then, do a perfect middle part and create a ponytail on one side.
  3. Spray some milk or oil spray to moisturize and soften your curls and create a high ponytail on this side.
  4. Repeat the same steps with the other side.
  5. Grab a ponytail loosely at the tip and wrap it around the base.
  6. Tame your baby hairs with soft curl cream.
  7. Embellish your buns with fake flowers to your liking, securing them with bobby pins.


Princess Jasmine Halloween Hairstyle

Source: withlove.nadia via Instagram

Those who say that it’s impossible to become a princess just don’t know that wearing a bubble ponytail is enough! With an authentic headband on the voluminous crown of your hairdo and the charm of eastern makeup, you will open up a whole new world of the best Halloween looks.

Flower Skull Look With Braided Straight Hair

Source: zorinblitzz via Instagram

If you’re one of the daring ladies who find sugar skull looks to be inspiring, you can customize it in the most creative way possible. And when you need to set your creativity into motion, nothing works better than braids! For example, they may come as an accentuating detail, finished with a floral accessory.

Sexy Spider Lady With Low Messy Ponytail

Source: kerri54 via Instagram

Sometimes the simplest Halloween hairstyles for long hair are the most suitable ideas, as you don’t need your hair to draw attention from your unbelievable sexy look. A low messy ponytail, where the crown is slightly pulled and tousled, is a nice way to complement an eye-catching look.


Pink Sugar Heart Halloween Look With Horns And Ponytails

Source: twiggybraindead via Instagram

You already know how to create cute cat ears from our second tutorial, so our advice for you is to let your imagination run fly and use this trick for many different Halloween looks. Add some waves, do double ponytails, curl your bangs; don’t be shy to be creative!

Aurora Borealis Look With Space Buns Half-Up

Source: sandrarclemente via Instagram

Want your look to be all about fairy shining? Don’t forget to get some temporary hair chalks, then. All Halloween hairstyles for long hair aim to stand out, and the burst of space colors is crucial for such a look. Mix all your favorite galactic shades, and create two tiny little space buns, leaving the rest of your hair fall on your shoulders.

Unicorn Look with High Wavy Ponytail

Source: picturresque via Instagram

It seems like everyone thinks that a Halloween party without at least one unicorn is a party wasted. Yes, this look is quite common. But have you ever seen such a noble, cool-toned, and simply unique unicorn? If you want to be different, sticking to one color scheme is the key. For an adorable ponytail like this, create a lot of braids and give them some time. Then, unravel them and put all your hair in a high, curly bun.


Harley Quinn With Double Ponytails

Source: zala_hair_extensions via Instagram

Even though the Harley Quinn idea is on everyone’s lips when it comes to choosing a Halloween look, you won’t be mistaken in choice if you decide to copy her style. This daring, sassy idea is always fun to recreate, especially if you have Joker by your side. If you’re looking for the most straightforward Halloween hairstyles for long hair, don’t look further than double ponytails with colorful extensions or painted strands.

Daenerys Hairstyle From Game Of Thrones

Source: kayleymelissa via Instagram

Do you want to become the Mother of dragons this Halloween? Halloween is the best time to make people bow to you, and since you are about to steal Daenerys’s look, the right hairstyle plays the most important role in this game. Before creating the braided updo, wave all of your hair. Once the waves are ready, create two side braids on the crown, tie them together and do a bubble pony out of the ends. Then, create two more braids starting from near your ears, and incorporate the bubble pony into the second braided duo.

Skull Makeup With Messy Space Buns

Source: cheyniem via Instagram

Double space buns can be different, as well as they can fit many looks and makeup ideas. Most girls pair their skull makeups with loose long hair and heavy accessories, while you can differ from them by making your own hair be an embellishment. Aren't these big messy twists worth a try?


Half-Up Horns For Poison Ivy Look

Source: jadedeacon via Instagram

Love the feminine side of the DC universe? Well, Poison Ivy is known for not only her fiery nature but also for her posh red chevelure. Is there anyone doesn’t want to be like her at all? To emphasize the sexuality of the look, finish it with double horns. Yes, simple Halloween hairstyles for long hair don’t stop impressing up.

Princess Fiona With Braid

Source: lorettasinku via Instagram

Fiona was the one who mastered beauty transformations at her best. Why don’t you appreciate it? When your makeup and outfit are complete, don’t forget about the finishing braid: it’s simple, yet super authentic.

Bloody Roses And Half-Up Ponytail

Source: jadedeacon via Instagram

Roses are red, just like blood, so no wonder that some ladies would like to devote their looks to the color of fear and passion. Add more bold colors to your makeup, spicing it up with some drops of fake blood. Also, you can accessorize your half-up pony with some real flowers: it will look creepy and charming at once.


Cheshire Cat With Rose Hair

Source: jadedeacon via Instagram

While most girls recreate Alice’s look from the famous story, you can show up as the most charismatic character from Wonderland. Complicated hairdos won’t do! But playing around with colors is bound: so how about a full rose Cheshire cat look with your hair painted baby pink?

Mythical Animal With Blonde Voluminous Hair

Source: kimberleymargarita_ via Instagram

How do you like the idea of becoming a mythical creature for just one day? There’s only one rule for creating your own Halloween looks: there are no rules. It also can be a fantastic combo of a real and mythical animal; it’s all up to you. As for hairstyle, keep it easy, yet significant: voluminous white hair is a nice example.

Queen Of Horror With Long Black Hair

Source: frecklesfairychest via Instagram

Nothing works better for truly scary looks than wavy Halloween hairstyles for long hair that are colored jet black. If the cute side of this evening doesn’t appeal to you, you can go for something more dramatic than cat, unicorn, and clown ideas. A horror queen look with gothic accessories and deeply dark, shiny waves, is the best way to challenge all those pretty girls!


Creepy Witch With Silver Curly Hair

Source: frecklesfairychest via Instagram

Not all the witches wear torn clothes and ride on the bloom; some witches can put a spell on you with just one fascinating, stylish glance. Those who go for creepy looks with lots of dark colors in their makeups should give silver hair a shot: it will nicely accentuate your cold mood.

Blue Updo Pastel In Greece Style

Source: picturresque via Instagram

Nobody has a clear picture of how Greek goddesses look, so why don’t you let your inner goddess run the party and show her real face to everyone? Seriously, no one has ever seen a divine woman with a blue updo, so no one can prove it’s not an authentic look. Besides, the way blue hair accentuates white outfits and gold accessories is indeed something sent from above.

Red Riding Hood Long Waves

Source: picturresque via Instagram

While the story of Red Riding Hood depicts a victim, you can go creative and daring with your variation of the character’s look! Long waves on long ashy hair will definitely show all the wolves who’s boss, changing the common image of a helpless girl to a strikingly stylish and bold lady.


Golden Girl With Updo Headband Braid

Source: kerri54 via Instagram

Some girls leave people speechless with their scary Halloween looks; others let their beauty do the talking. What can compare to a feminine character with lots of glitters and highlights enhancing her beauty? Finish the shiny makeup with a headband braid so that everyone can see the magical vibe of your Halloween look.

Unicorn Sleek Purple Pony

Source: jennadewan via Instagram

When creating unicorn looks, the more glitters and shiny elements, the better! Apart from covering your face with lots of shimmers and highlighters, don’t forget to hit your hair with a shiny dose, too. As for the style, a high ponytail will nicely complement a fairy horn.

Wonder Woman Waves

Source: jojoytse via Instagram

Every Halloween party needs a hero, and it seems like no one but you can handle it! The ideal Wonder Woman can’t do without the authentic costume and the right hairstyle. Speaking of which: a slight side part with voluminous waves that fall on the chest is exactly what you need to recreate the hero-look.


Taurus With Double Braids

Source: jojoytse via Instagram

There’s no better way to tell people what to expect from you than to make your zodiac sign your Halloween look. Although Taureans have horns, they have pretty lovely personalities, which you can showcase with the help of cute double braids. Turning to the horns, you can either wrap your hair around them or leave them as they are.

50’s Vamp Look

Source: lilmoonchildd via Instagram

Before drinking their blood out, let their eyes behold the latest trends. How do you like this combination of hairstyles from the 50s’ and the latest color of now for a lady vamp look? If a bright teal shade is the last thing vampire victims will see, then we’re ready to sacrifice our lives!

Pixie Elf Style

Source: bambiix2 via Instagram

A true Pixie character without a pixie cut is a look wasted! No wonder that the most popular haircut in the women’s fashion is called this way: the cut does bring magical vibes. Bright, colorful makeup and a slightly tousled pixie hairstyle are all you need to turn yourself into a Peter Pan’s best friend. And if you’d like to look more like an elf, pointed ears are the musts.


Lion With Crown

Source: jadedeacon via Instagram

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe show us the beauty of a parallel world where a wise, ageless Lion guides good to fight evil. Isn’t that an amazing character to recreate? Make your long hair as voluminous as possible by drying it with a nozzle and make the look complete with a golden floral crown to show your might.

FAQ: Halloween Hairstyles For Long Hair

What color is witches hair?

Witch’s Hair, though classed as a fungus here, is actually a lichen, a symbiotic relationship between a green alga and a fungus. The alga gives it its greenish hue and, like a higher plant, produces carbohydrates through photosynthesis.

What witches beard?

While they both look very similar on the surface, Methuselah’s beard has a center cord that is visible when chopped, whereas typical witch’s hair does not. A 20-30 cm long dangling hair lichen is known as common witch’s hair.This is a common lichen species. In open woodlands, it grows on coniferous trees.

What hairstyles do witches have?

  • Witchy Curls.
  • Old-Time Braids.
  • Midnight Purple Tones.
  • Witchy Cat.
  • Vampy Curls.
  • Crimped Texture.