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Airy Feathers

Airy Feathers #dorothyhamillhaircut #haircuts

To make her haircut appear more festive, she lets short layers do the volumetric trick throughout the whole length.
Source: s_bukley/Shutterstock

Classic Wedge

Classic Wedge #dorothyhamillhaircut #haircuts

As a woman who has a great sense of style, Hamill doesn’t forget about bangs: such a youthful touch only makes her classic style look better.
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Curvy Wedge With Fringe

Curvy Wedge With Fringe #dorothyhamillhaircut #haircuts

For more precision, Dorothy puts the top in the spotlight by tapering the sides and finishes the immaculately elegant look with a gently swept fringe.
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Medium Wedge With Side-Swept Fringe

Medium Wedge With Side Swept Fringe #dorothyhamillhaircut #haircuts

This medium wedge seems to be the comeback of the Dorothy Hamill haircut that took over the world. What gives a little hint of modernity is a lightweight side-swept fringe.
Source: s_bukley/Shutterstock

The haircut popularized by the gorgeous figure skater is still so popular not for no reason. First of all, it goes flattering to all hair types and face shapes due to the voluminous layered structure. Secondly, it can make a modern woman feel total control under her hair, without requiring much upkeep or styling time. Therefore, the overwhelming wedge won’t ever be a mistake, whereas missing it would be a disaster.