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Pick a Taper Haircut Style to Look Cool and Edgy

A taper haircut is so cool and trendy, but do not confuse it with a fade haircut.

Oftentimes, people refer to a taper and a fade as the same haircut. This is far from being the truth. The two cuts, while similar, have distinct differences that set one apart from the other. There are variations of each cut and even blended versions of the two. There are faint tapers with a long crown, both short tapers, as well as long tapers.

As for the fades, they are short haircuts with practically bald back and sides and the gradual transition to short and then longer length towards the top. Basically, a fade is a type of a taper cut, but here the length is drastically shorter. However, bald back and sides allow the longer top.

So, as you can see, the difference is mostly in the length. And if you feel like going bold but not bald, a taper cut might work for you. Below, we have included some taper haircut pictures to give you a visual example of the differences. This way you can compare the taper haircut vs. fade haircut and decide which direction you choose to go in.

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