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See The Pics Of Short Layered Hair That Are Worth Recreating

From sassy to chic, short layered haircuts is all the rave these days among celebrities and fashion industry worldwide.

Short textured hairstyles are very trendy and practical at any age. By creating layers you will achieve that extra texture and volume of your short haircut. This short hair cut style is super easy to maintain because it literally takes less than 5 minutes in the morning to get ready.

There are so many styles to choose from. A choppy pixie cut will make you look more youthful. A texturizing product will give you that messy bedhead look while slicking it back is perfect for an night out. A classic bob haircut is super trendy with slightly shortened hair in the back. In this way, it creates a flattering shape and avoid blocky look. Long strands in the front also give you room for extra creativity and styling options.

If you are looking for something new to try, our gallery of short hairstyles is definitely worth checking out. Save your favorites to your Pinterest board or take the classy but still modern layered ideas straight to your hairstylist today!

Pixie Layered Haircut

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Side Swept Pixie Layered Haircut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie

Stylish Hairstyles to Try This Season picture 3
Messy Pixie Layered Haircut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie

If you prefer more traditional hairstyles, this classic pixie is timeless and has a youthful vibe. With the perfect blend of sleek and mess, you can opt for either a carefree, bedhead style or a more sophisticated feel.

Long Pixie Haircut

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Side Parted Long Pixie Haircut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie

Silver Long Pixie Haircut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie
Short Hairstyles With Side Bangs picture 3

This shorter cut with longer-layers has a ton of personality. The longer front and full pieces in the back will give your hair a funky lift. Use a volumizing shampoo and mousse and then blow dry with a round brush for added texture and volume.

Pixie With Undercut

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Lilac Pixie With Undercut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie

Hot Platinum Pixie Cuts piture1
Side Parted Pixie With Undercut #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #layeredpixie

Pixie hairstyles with undercut work for those ladies who want to make their hairstyles extraordinary and sexy at the same time.

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