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Dreadlocks Ponytail Hairstyle

Source: rollies2thesky via Instagram, encoreever via Instagram, hellnyxx via Instagram

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Dreadlocks Ponytail Hairstyle picture2
Dreadlocks Ponytail Hairstyle picture3

If you want to both keep your face open and show off your amazing dreads, ponytail will be there for you. Yes, simplicity is genius! Once you get yourself dreadlocks, you will never need to spend a lot of time to get your hair done: the only thing you need is a ribbon to gather all your hair together. What do you think about these dreadlock hairstyles pictures?

These girls know how enviable hairstyles look like. It can be a good idea for your daily look: a high ponytail is both stylish and comfortable. Nowadays most girls are indecisive, so those who are not sure if they won’t get tired of dreads usually opt for instant dreadlocks extensions. It’s a semi-permanent style that is good for those who want to try dreadlocks. So if you like the idea of a ponytail with dreads, you know what to do.

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